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Winchester Repeating Arms – Summer Rebates – Expires 07/15/18

Winchester Repeating Arms – Summer Rebates – Expires 07/15/18

Winchester’s rebates often seem to good to be true. They are approaching the summer with a new batch of rebates that can get you anywhere from 25 to 100 dollars back on the purchase of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns. The best part about the deals is that you can stack them. Buy 1 or all 4 of the deals. Winchester makes it very clear they don’t mind you using their promos in conjunction with each other. This summer promo is kicking off May 25th and going up until July 15th, 2018.

The promo is four different offers on four different guns.

The first is 100 dollars back on the purchase of any SX3 shotgun. The SX3 series are semi-automatic shotguns that feature the excellent Action Valve system. This valve regulates autoloading speed, recoil reduction, and durability. The X3 is a working shotgun designed for the field and is impervious to cold, heat, and wetlands. This turkey slaying, deer hunting, duck destroying shotgun is the pride and joy of the Winchester shotgun lineup.

The second offer will net you 50 bucks back on any XPR rifle. These centerfire rifles are designed for hunting with a keen engineering eye making it precise and accurate. The XPR is designed to withstand the great outdoors, and whatever Mother Nature chooses to throw at it. The XPR rifles sport Winchester’s own M.O.A. Trigger System for a clean and crisp trigger pull.

The third rebate is for 50 dollars off any Winchester Super X4 shotgun. The SX4 is meant to be an improvement on the already excellent SX3. Improvement, but not a replacement. The SX4 sports the same action valve as the SX3, but also uses an oversized bolt release, a larger charging handle, and trigger guard opening. The SX4 is also the lighter shotgun, which makes it a little quicker for taking birds and clays out of the sky

The last rebate gives you 25 dollars back on the Winchester SXP shotguns. These pump action shotguns are dead nuts reliable and designed for hunting and home defense use. They are available in a wide variety of configurations and sports an inertia assisted slide action for quicker follow-up shots and smoother pump action.

This roundup of Winchester’s deals is coming in time to get ready for that fall hunting season. Winchester shotguns and rifles are also affordable when you factor in the quality and innovation they put into their weapons. So snag a deal this summer at

Expires 07/15/18

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