Why Is Texas Sen. John Cornyn Working With Democrats to Outlaw Private Gun Sales?

John Cornyn
Senate Majority Whip Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

While John Cornyn’s home state is on the brink of enacting constitutional carry and doing away with government hurdles to keeping and bearing arms in Texas, the Senator is hard at work in Washington, meeting with members of the Senate’s gun control caucus, trying to reach an agreement on outlawing private gun sales.

What else is on the table in those discussions? What other rights is Senator Cornyn willing to negotiate away with longtime anti-gunners? How many more infringements is he willing to tolerate in order to get a little fleeting positive press for himself from the Washington Post and the New York Times?

Because if he thinks that cooperating with the likes of Chris Murphy and Dianne Feinstein will result in a better deal for America’s gun owners, we have some lovely beachfront property in Amarillo we’d like to talk to him about.

On guns, Murphy and Cornyn have met in person a handful of times, and their aides are exchanging various legislative proposals. Murphy says the talks center on expanding the number of background checks that are conducted and ensuring checks mandated by law actually occur. Cornyn has discussed reining in unlicensed firearms dealers, such as the seller who allowed a mentally ill man in Texas to purchase a gun that was later used to in a 2019 mass shooting, and ensuring enforcement of current laws.

Murphy said that although the negotiations have been the most substantive ones he’s had on the issue since he came to the Senate, the fact that his group has been talking for six weeks without a conclusion has been “frustrating, but maybe not unexpected.”

At some point, he added, “there’s got to be an end to the road.”

“There’s a lot of things being talked about in the background” while other topics grab headlines, Cornyn said. “There’s . . . actually some encouraging conversations going.

— Seung Min Kim and Mike DeBonis in Biden’s big agenda is imperiled as his priorities stall in Congress and a debt fight looms

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