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Washington Home Intruder Yells ‘I’m So High!’ After Getting Shot

washington teen home intruder bullet hole

washington teen home intruder bedroom

A 16-year-old home intruder in Parkland, Wash., earned himself a trip to the hospital after meeting the business end of a homeowner’s handgun last weekend.

Homeowner Shoots ‘High’ Home Intruder

The homeowner told Pierce County Sheriff’s Office deputies her husband was out of town for business when—at around 3:15 a.m. on June 16—she was suddenly awoken by her two dogs barking. She then heard a scratching noise. Alarmed, she went to her bedroom door and looked down the hallway. That’s when she saw a man inside her home.

Police said the suspect started walking down the hallway toward the homeowner’s bedroom. The homeowner ran, grabbed a gun and ordered the intruder not to move. When he didn’t stop, the woman fired a warning shot to the suspect’s side. Undeterred, the intruder kept coming. In fear for her life, the woman aimed her gun at the suspect and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the arm.

The armed homeowner held the injured suspect at gunpoint while she called 911. She said that while she waited for authorities to arrive, the suspect repeatedly yelled, “I’m so high!” until he collapsed.

Police Arrive

Deputies arrived on the scene and found the suspect on the floor by the front entryway. One deputy applied a tourniquet on the suspect’s arm while other deputies cleared the house. Another deputy, trained as a military combat medic, applied a second tourniquet and bandaged an exit wound on the suspect’s shoulder blade. Paramedics then arrived on the scene and transported him to an area hospital.

A bullet hole was found in one of the windows of the home. Deputies believe it to be the warning shot fired by the homeowner. In addition, a front bedroom window was open. Presumably, this is how the suspect gained entry into the home.

The unidentified 16-year-old intruder will be charged with one count of residential burglary when he gets out of the hospital. There’s no word on charges for the homeowner. Based on what we know about this case, however, charges don’t seem likely.

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