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Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22 WMR; Same Small Size With More Power

LifeCard 22 WMR

LifeCard 22 WMR, pocket
LifeCard 22 WMR, credit cards

Subcompact pistols are popular because they are discreet and easy to carry. However, there are small pistols and then there is the LifeCard. This folding single-shot pistol easily fits in the pocket, allowing shooters to always have it at hand. Now, Trailblazer Firearms is upping the ante by introducing the LifeCard .22 WMR.

Just like the original, the LifeCard .22 WMR is built from a combination of steel and aluminum. As such, it weighs less than 7 ounces and measures a mere .5 inches in width. In fact, this diminutive pocket Slickgun is about the size of a credit card, making it a convenient pistol to carry either as a primary or a backup. While the .22 LR LifeCard caught shooters by surprise, customers asked for one chambered in a more powerful round. And after research and testing, the company answered.

“It took us seven years to bring the initial LifeCard concept to market,” said Aaron Voigt, founder and president of Trailblazer Firearms. “We are in no hurry to create product that does not pass our rigorous testing or have the demand in the marketplace. The .22 WMR passed both criteria and we are proud to add this new model to our LifeCard line.”

Safety & Features

Despite this pistol’s small size, it still features a full-size handle when unfolded. This allows better aim and grip. Additionally, the handle has storage room for three rounds, providing four shots when needed. Even better, the controls are ambidextrous, so both right- and left-handed shooters can use this Slickgun.

Regarding safety, which is always a concern, the LifeCard comes with built-in safety features that prevent it from firing unless pulling the trigger. This includes when the Slickgun is folded. The first safety is a half-cock, which allows the Slickgun to be stored and loaded. The second is a trigger pocket built into the frame that completely covers the pistol when folded. Additionally, the handled cannot be closed if the Slickgun is in the cocked position.

Trailblazer will be spotlighting the LifeCard at the 2019 SHOT Show. However, the company is already shipping units to distributors. So, shooters can already get their hands on this Slickgun that fills the void between EDC and vermin eradication.

LifeCard .22 WMR Pistol Specs

  • Caliber:  .22 WMR
  • Action: Single-Action, Single-Shot
  • Length: 3.375 inches
  • Height: 2.125 inches
  • Width: 0.5 inches
  • Weight: under 7 oz.
  • Barrel: Steel, Tilt-Up
  • Frame: Aluminum (includes folding handle)
  • Features: Ambidextrous, built-in safety features, ammo storage in handle for 3 rounds
  • MSRP: $399

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