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Top 5 Retention Holsters for Doing Backflips at the Nightclub

Top 5 Retention Holsters for Doing Backflips at the Nightclub

We’ve all been there – at the club, the beat pumping, the crowd at best mildly interested while we perform repeated gyrating motions when it becomes clear that only one thing can save this evening – a backflip into a handstand. As our routine reaches its apex, the flimsy holster in which our service pistol is located, small of back of all places, flings its charge onto the dance floor, apparently eager to join in on the fun. When we realize what happened, naturally, the reaction is to grab the pistol by the trigger and shoot some random bystander in the leg who had already been victimized enough by our “dancing.”

If all of this sounds great to you except the career-ending shot into an innocent person, check out our list of Top 5 Retention Holsters for Doing Backflips at the Nightclub.

5. Flashbang Capone

Named after the famed gangster, the Capone should be on your most wanted list – so you don’t turn into the FBI’s Public Enemy Number One.

4. Crossbreed IWB MiniTuck/SuperTuck

Prominently emblazoned with a stylized Christian cross, it offers more than just prayers when it comes to not losing your gun in a dance-off.

3. Raven Concealment Perun

Not only does it feature adjustable retention thanks to an innovative slider device, it’s also compatible with slide mounted optics, so the FBI doesn’t have to deal with the optics of one of their agents shooting into a crowd.

2. Stealth Gear USA Ventcore

The Ventcore is designed to breathe, keeping your butt from feeling sweaty at the club while also keeping your butt out of the unemployment line thanks to its adjustable retention.

1. Blackhawk SERPA

It might have a reputation for not allowing the pistol to come out when it gets dirty, but isn’t that exactly what you need when you’re dirty dancing?

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