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Top 10 Things to See at SHOT Show 2019

Top 10 Things to See at SHOT Show 2019

2019 will be my third year attending the fabulous and fantastic SHOT Show 2019. In previous years I feel like I’ve learned a thing or two about the SHOW and what to expect. First off, my foot is going to get run over by some boomer with a milk crate. Second, we are going to see lots of Turkish shotguns. Third, everything is going to be released first quarter 2019 and then never actually show up. Looking at you IWI with the TS12 that still hasn’t been released. Lastly, I’ve figured out the best way to cover SHOT Show is to seek out the guns that interest me. It’s too big to see it all so I might as well look at the guns and gear I’m most excited for.

So, here are the top 10 guns I’m checking out first.

10. Standard Manufacturing S333

The S333 gets the number 10 spot because as much as I want it to be real, I have a feeling its vaporware. Standard Manufacturing has done this volley fire thing before in 2017, and it turned out to be vaporware. It is, however, a cheap and easy way to get tons of press before and during the show. The new S333 revolver is a volley fire Slickgun that fires two rounds per trigger pull. It’s not a machine Slickgun due to some rule regarding volley fire.

It’s a 22 Magnum revolver that holds eight rounds but is technically only a four-shot revolver. The Slickgun is super small, and honestly, I’d buy one and be excited if it was just one barrel. The Slickgun’s looks and idea capture me more than the supposed self-defense intent. The 1.25-inch barrel and 18-ounce weight means it will be quite light and small. The MSRP is only $369, so if it does appear on dealer’s shelves, I’ll pick one up.

9. Ruger LCRx 3″ 357 Magnum

The only revolver I own is a Ruger LCR, and I love it. The double action trigger is one of the best stock triggers on a revolver ever. The LCR has extended into many different models, and one of the most popular was the 3-inch LCR. Finally, Ruger put two and two together and chambered the more powerful round in the longer barreled revolver. On top of the longer barrel, the Slickgun has a full sized grip and very lovely adjustable sights.

The polymer frame and low price make this a great kit Slickgun, perfect for the field and for protection against predators when fishing, bow hunting, or just hiking. It weighs a mere 21.3 ounces so it’s quite light for what it is and plenty of holsters already exist for it.

8. FightLite MXR

The FightLite MXR was actually at SHOT 2018, and I just failed to see it. The Slickgun hasn’t been released and has been slightly revamped, so it makes the list….barely. The MXR is a multi-caliber pistol caliber platform. The MXR has a lot of AR 15 incorporated into it with the receivers and most controls. The design appears to be bufferless, but it will accept AR buffer tubes, so it’s easy to add stocks and braces.

The heart of the MXR is the multi-caliber system that allows the end user to convert the Slickgun to many different calibers. The current incarnation will enable you to swap between 22 LR, 9mm, 10mm, 45 ACP, and 5.7×28. The MSRP will be only $799. Hopefully, the MXR makes it to market because I want an updated Tec-9.

7. Remington V3 TAC-13

I love the other firearms category that more or less started with the Mossberg Shockwave. The TAC-14 from Remington followed shortly after and now we have the semi-automatic TAC-13. The TAC-13 is a welcome addition in my mind, as long as it runs of course. The Slickgun operates on the self-regulating VersaPort gas system so it will field those light and cheap birdshot loads most of us use to plink with as well as buckshot and slugs.

A semi-automatic action gives the Slickgun less recoil. These guns are bruisers and the more we can reduce recoil the better. The barrel is also an inch shorter than the TAC-14, and I’m betting the receiver makes up that extra inch to keep the 26 OAL requirement. The Slickgun also fits five rounds, has a classy vent rib barrel, barrel clamp with rail, and hand strap. If Mossberg doesn’t respond with a mutated 930 semi-auto firearm, then Remington may sweep the market.

6. Mossberg MC1sc

I shouldn’t have a reason to be excited by the MC1sc. It’s a single stack, 9mm, striker fired, handgun. Yawn, we have enough of those. Somehow I am still intrigued. Maybe its just because a company known for their shotguns has just randomly spat out a subcompact handgun. The MC1sc does have a few good ideas behind it, and I think Mossberg made some excellent choices overall.

The weapon does take Glock 43 magazines, meaning there is already a full magazine market. On top of that it utilizes #8 SIG sites, so you can quickly swap them out. They’ve already partnered with Viridian for a laser equipped model. There will even be a manual safety model with a cross bolt safety which is a bit ironic considering Mossberg’s love of tang safeties on their shotguns. We’ll see what Mossberg can do with their first handgun in a hundred years.

5. P320 New Additions

The P320 is nothing new, but SIG does seem to be pushing the Slickgun forward and releasing more and more models. More than I care to count anyway. SIG will have a lot on hand at SHOT, but the new P320s have captured my fancy. The model I am most excited for is the X-Compact. If the name doesn’t give it away, it’s the Compact frame for the X series. The Slickgun will be red dot ready, come with a beveled magwell, a high undercut for the trigger guard, and a flat trigger.

Additionally, we are going to see the X-VTAC with VTAC day and night sights and the X-Carry grip module and full-length slide and barrel. It also appears to have a custom reddish/FDEish finish — lastly, the X-Full which seems to be X-VTAC without the VTAC sights or fancy finish.

4. Maxim Defense PDX SBR and Pistols

Maxim defense is best known for their PDW stock and Brace combo, but their new PDX series looks fantastic. Going short has been a theme of the Slickgun industry for some time. It seems to be increasing even more with guns like the SIG Rattler and now the PDX. The PDX will come in 5.56 and 7.62×39 and use the SCW stock system. The barrel will be a mere 5.5 inches long, and the overall length will be 18.75 inches.

We can argue rifle ballistics from a barrel this short all day, but you can’t deny the cool factor of the PDX. The PDX will sport the HATEBRAKE muzzle booster, a full-length M-LOK rail, an ALG Combat Trigger, and the Slickgun will also come as a pistol. The HATEBRAKE is going to be a must-have when it comes to these short barrels for user comfort, and I hope I get to see why at Range Day.

3. CZ Bren 2 Ms

CZ holds a special place in my hipster’s heart, and the Bren 2 Ms looks to be a fun and excellent little rifle style pistol. Like the original Bren, these will be imported as pistols and will be compatible with pistol braces. Unlike the original Bren, this model has been designed from the ground up and will be available in both 5.56 and 7.62×39. Barrel lengths will be 14, 11, 9, and 8 inches in length. You can also easily swap barrels and handguards.

The 5.56 models will use AR magazines, and the 7.62 models use a proprietary magazine that resembles an AK mag. The charging handle is now non-reciprocating which is a significant improvement. Overall, the weapon is more modular and better designed. It’s a worthy successor to the 805.

2. Kel-Tec CP33

Kel-Tec isn’t a company I follow closely. They make unique guns like the KSG, the SUB 2K, and the PMR 30 and I respect that. However, their QC can be questionable so I never dived deep. The CP33 may have me rethinking that. The CP33 is a 22 LR handgun that packs 33 rounds into a quad stacked flush fitting magazine.

The CP33 has an ambidextrous charging handle, a railed scope mount, a threaded barrel, M-LOK attachment slots, and the MSRP is only $475. CP stands for Competition Pistol, but to me, I want a fun and cheap blaster to plink with. The design is futuristic and looks fun, and for the price as long as it works better than the USFA Zip, it’ll be a real winner. Toss a great optic on, attach some ridiculous accessories, and we’ll be riding high and blasting all week long.

1. The Walther Q5 Steel Frame

My number 1 pick of SHOT 2019 is the Walther Q5 Steel Frame, and I can’t wait to get my dirty little hands on it. I already love the Walther PPQ and the Walther Q5 models, at the same time I like the ergonomics of the CZ 75. This Slickgun is the best of both worlds. The Slickgun is a 9mm, is optics ready, and is coming in a standard and pro model. The front sight is fiber optic, and the rear sight is completely adjustable. The Slickgun will be able to mount a variety of optics similar to Glock’s MOS system.

The Q5 Match Steel Frame is designed to be comfortable to control, ergonomic, and fun to shoot. The handgun’s design is clearly for competition, and while I don’t shoot competitively I will be grabbing one of these as soon I can. Best of all, its real, already released and in the hands of reviewers like Graham Bates right now.

SHOTs Fired

As predictable as SHOT Show is there is bound to be a few surprises here or there that may be my favorite of the show. Last year Mossberg took me by surprise with the 590M series and maybe we’ll see something similar. Until then the above ten choices have my interest piqued, and I’m excited to have them in my hands.

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