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The Trijicon Family Gets a Little Better With AmeriGlo

The Trijicon Family Gets a Little Better With AmeriGlo

Everyone knows and loves Trijicon. I used one of their optics in and out of combat, and it was one of my favorite pieces of gear. They also produce a wide variety of night sights for fight based handguns. Trijicon makes duty grade sights, and you’ll see them in use with military units and police officers on a massive scale. They are nearly unbeatable when it comes to choosing combat sights. They’ve recently announced the acquisition of AmeriGlo, which is a major supplier of U.S. based night sights. The purchase will be a natural fit.

Trijicon tends to focus on a few well produced, high-quality options. AmeriGlo offers a much more extensive selection of sights. They provide both day and night sights as well as hybrids. AmeriGlo also provides fiber optic sights and just standard three white dot sights. Their selection is a bit broader than Trijicons, so they do fill a gap Trijicon currently does not. It seems to be a smart business move and allows Trijicon to expand into more cost friendly sighting options without worrying about any diminished value behind the Trijicon brand. AmeriGlo makes good stuff, but Trijicon’s no-nonsense reputation is one they’d like to preserve.

“The AmeriGlo brand is a natural fit for us,” said Stephen Bindon, Trijicon President. “This purchase will further enhance Trijicon’s ever-expanding product and brand portfolio while increasing our manufacturing capacity to serve end-users across the spectrum better.”

That all being said, the Trijicon and AmeriGlo brand are going to remain separate entities. Which again allows Trijicon to keep their very serious reputation intact. There is nothing wrong with AmeriGlo’s sights, but they produce a wide variety of optics are a variety of prices. Trijicon produces pro grade sights, and they are pretty standard in price and quality. It’s an expansion that will likely prove profitable.

“The team at AmeriGlo looks forward to this new relationship with Trijicon, Inc. AmeriGlo customers will see no interruption to the exceptional quality and service they have grown accustomed to over the years. Our dedicated staff in Georgia will remain in place, and we’ll continue making sights for our valued clients,” said Rick Callihan. Callihan founded AmeriGlo in 2001 and will remain with the company.

With over 15 years of design and manufacturing expertise, AmeriGlo has excelled with a passion and commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. AmeriGlo sights are designed, machined, and assembled in the USA.

Will this result in any product changes? That’s yet to be seen. Maybe the minds at Trijicon at the minds at AmeriGlo will come together to produce something unique and new. Perhaps we’ll see suppressor height sights under the AmeriGlo brand for a little less than the Trijicon brand. Who knows what the future holds for the two brands, but Trijicon is a stable business, and I’m betting the AmeriGlo brand will succeed well under Trijicon. Watch this space for any updates. At Omaha Outdoors we are fans of Trijicon and anything else at the professional level.

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