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The Army Submachine Gun Contract Heats Up

The Army Submachine Gun Contract Heats Up

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We reported some time ago that the Army was looking for the first new submachine gun since WW2. As time progressed, a simple RFI has grown into a full-blown competition. We’ve also learned from a synopsis of the contract that these guns are meant for Army PSD teams guarding high-level officers and likely politicians, media members and more. The need for a small weapon for concealability and maneuverability seems to be the goal. Many of these teams will be working in and out vehicles and the need for a little gun more potent than a pistol is very real.

Since the initial announcement, we’ve seen two follow-ups both revealing the guns that are prepared to enter the contest. Some are predictable, and others are quite surprising. Anticipated entries include the SIG MPX and the CZ Scorpion. Less predictable entries include MP5 clones from both PTR and Zenith.

In total 13 guns has entered the contest with ten being announced initially, and that order recently added three additional weapons.

The First 10:

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0034
Awardee: Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC for CM9MM-9H-M5A, Colt Modular 9mm Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $22,000.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0037
Awardee: Beretta USA Corporation for Beretta PMX Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $16,000.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0038
Awardee: CMMG, Inc. for CMMG Ultra PDW Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $8,500.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0039
Awardee: CZ-USA for CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Submachinegun
Amount: $14,490.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0040
Awardee: Lewis Machine & Tool Company for MARS-L9 Compact Suppressed Weapon
Amount: $21,900.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0041
Awardee: PTR Industries, Inc. for PTR 9CS Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $12,060.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0042
Awardee: Quarter Circle 10 LLC 5.5 CLT and 5.5 QV5 Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $24,070.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0043
Awardee: SIG SAUER, Inc. for SIG SAUER MPX Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $20,160.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0044
Awardee: Trident Rifles, LLC for B&T MP9 Machine Guns
Amount: $36,000.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0045
Awardee: Zenith Firearms for Z-5RS, Z-5P and Z-5K Sub Compact Weapons
Amount: $39,060.00

If you gazed over the list, some would be immediately familiar, but others are guns we haven’t exactly seen before on the civilian side. For example, the LMT MARS L9 seems to be a new offering I can’t find on LMT website.

Three additional guns we rewarded T&E contracts and finally, we see HK jump into the ring with an unexpected entry.

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0048
Awardee: Heckler and Koch Defense Inc for HK UMP9 Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $10,850.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0049
Awardee: Angstadt Arms Corporation for Angstadt UDP-9 Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $15,950.00

Award Number: W15QKN-18-P-0050
Awardee: Noveske Corporation for Noveske Sub Compact Weapon
Amount: $17,200.00

The UMP 9 and the Angstadt are in 9mm, and we’ve seen them before, but the Noveske Sub Compact Weapon seems to be a new gun. Noveske showed a 10mm PDW at SHOT Show 2018, so this could very well be the same gun chambered in 9mm.

For us civilians, the benefit to this kind of contest is the reports come out of the Army, the DOD, and Pentagon regarding durability and reliability over high round counts. Most of these guns have a civilian option in pistol, carbine, and SBR form. You can bet we’ll be following this story closely and will keep you up to date as information rolls out.

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