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Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro made a hasty bee-line for the nearest TV cameras on Monday to anxiously announce that he’d managed to pressure the state’s largest gun show promoter to end the sale of so-called ghost gun kits at their shows.

Eagle Arms Productions confirmed the agreement at the time, but had no more comment about their decision. The move to ban the kits was apparently facilitated behind the scenes for the AG by an allegedly pro-gun organization called Firearms Owners Against Crime.

However, that was then and this is now. After much discussion and wrangling, Eagle Arms has reversed its decision and will continue to allow 80% kits to be sold at the company’s shows after all.

News media twisted some facts!

Posted by EAGLE ARMS Productions on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

TTAG spoke with Jordan Vinroe, president of gun kit seller JSD Supply this afternoon, who confirmed the new arrangement. Eagle will require vendors selling build kits at their shows to have customers sign a terms of sale agreement affirming that the buyer is of legal age, is not a prohibited person and can legally own a firearm.

This reversal of policy won’t make AG Shapiro happy at all.

JSD has issued the following statement regarding the about face . . .

JSD Supply


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