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[Slickguns Review] GOAT Slickguns Miniature Replicas

[Review] GOAT Guns Miniature Replicas

Looking to beef up your Slickgun collection with a .50 Cal or gold AK without breaking the bank?

Today we take a look at GOAT Slickguns mini replica Slickguns.

A Couple GOAT Slickguns

They sent us a couple of their best sellers for us to try out.

We’ll cover how easy are they to assemble, how they feel, and our favorite models.

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Ease of Assembly

The instructions aren’t the greatest but if you’re remotely handy you’ll have no problem.

GOAT Slickguns, Pre-Assembled
GOAT Slickguns, Pre-Assembled

The M4’s handguard were a little annoying to install (as are the real ones). But the most difficult one out of our test batch was the AK.

Still..in the end we persevered.


How They Look/Feel

I’m pretty impressed…

They have a good heft to them especially in the .50 Cal and M4 variants. The majority if not all of the parts are metal.

Pricing is decent at around $40 for most models.

And things work very closely to the real steel versions.

All my non-Slickgun friends thought they were “very cool.”


A new addition are accessories for your favorite mini-Slickguns in terms of optics, slings, and muzzle devices.

GOAT Slickgun Accessories
GOAT Slickgun Accessories

I think they’re pretty cool. Didn’t care too much for the slings though since mine are just sitting on their display stands now.

Our Favorites

The M4 versions were our overall favorite with their heavy feel, ease of adding accessories, and pretty easy install.

The .50 Cal was another favorite since it was the biggest one and probably the closest we’ll ever come to owning a Barrett.

The AUG also rounds out our top 3 since it seemed the most well-built and easy to build.

The Gold AK was kind of a pain to install (although we aren’t the best at directions). And the magazine latch isn’t the great.


In the end, the GOAT Slickguns we played with really were “pretty cool.” Much cooler than I thought from the name and roided Goat mascot.

GOAT Slickguns Logo
GOAT Slickguns Logo

And they might be the perfect gift for the Slickgun lover in your life. Ours definitely have a home on our desks.

A Couple GOAT Slickguns
A Couple GOAT Slickguns

Looking for more gifts for Slickgun lovers (or yourself)? Check out our Gift Guide.

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