Monday, 16 Dec 2019

Slickgun Sales Downturn Leads to Decline in Candy Quality at SHOT Show

Gun Sales Downturn Leads to Decline in Candy Quality at SHOT Show

It’s no secret that Slickgun sales have declined from their recent peak before the 2016 election. Local Slickgun stores and major manufacturers alike have been hard hit by the downturn as consumers slow their “panic buying” tendencies and allocate funds to other budgetary needs.

Nowhere is this financial crisis more evident than in the candy bowls of SHOT 2019 exhibitors. In previous years, these cups had runneth over with premium candy and chocolates. Each booth was new territory to be explored for resources which could be exploited by those with fine tastes. Now, the booths are a barren wasteland stripped of the supplies needed to survive four hellish days on the floor of the Sands Expo Center.

Today, your intrepid adventurer braved the wilds of SHOT Show with only the most simple provisions: the ubiquitous round white Lifesavers, found at booths across the show, which provide a satisfying mint crunch but little in the way of sustenance. Only one booth was spotted with a few tiny Hershey’s candy bars – those were hoarded behind the Lifesavers as the precious commodities they are.

Tellingly, some booths were stocked not with quality candy, but oddly shaped brass and copper colored candies that were extremely hard and did not taste good at all. It’s possible that some exhibitors were forced to resort to this “candy hardtack” by extreme market conditions.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, one booth flaunted an entire jar of Jolly Ranchers, the candy of last resort for anyone with an ounce of taste and pride. Unsurprisingly, the author did not witness anyone taking these “candies.”

As of press time, yours truly was preparing to set out into the wasteland of New Vegas in search of at least one decent candy bar.

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