Shermichael Singleton
Courtesy Shermichael Singleton

Guns laws always disproportionately impact Black people, and when we’re told new gun laws are to stop violence, don’t believe it.

If we want to stop violence in our cities, we must build up the Black family and the value it adds to building a stronger community. We must also become insular in our outlook and how we navigate the political space.

There is a need for better jobs, transportation, education, and resources that we must demand the resources to obtain those things for our [community]. Don’t trust [it] will come; we have to demand it.

Violence isn’t rooted in the existence of the gun; it’s rooted in other systemic issues that go mostly ignored, hence why we must deal with our problems as a community to the best of our ability.

With all of that said, remember this: To be disarmed is to be powerless, and that’s a dangerous position to be in.

— Shermichael Singleton in a Twitter thread

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