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Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 Pistol Review

Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 Pistol Review

For years people clamored for a single stack 9mm Glock pistol. Glock being Glock took their sweet time in delivering the Glock 43. Glock being Glock took their sweet time in delivering the Glock 43. The Glock 43 was a huge hit, with the millionth produced Glock 43 being given away at the NRA show this year. Was the Glock 43 the end all be all for 9mm compact carry guns? SIG sure doesn’t think so, and we introduced to the SIG P365 early this year. The P365 is a direct competitor to the Glock 43 and should have the 43 shaking in it’s Austrian made boots.

Specs Breakdown

Why should those boots be shaking? Mainly due to magazine capacity. SIG designed the magazine of the firearm first and then built a gun around it. Unconventional for sure, but it gives the P365 a magazine capacity of 10 while staying single stack small. Take a peek at the specs of both the Glock 43 and the Sig P365, and it’s eye-opening.

Glock 43 Sig Sauer P365
Width – 1.02 inches Width – 1 inch
Length – 6.26 inches Length – 5.8 inches
Barrel Length – 3.39 inches Barrel Length – 3.1 inches
Height – 4.25 inches Height – 4.3 inches
Weight – 17.95 ounces (unloaded) Weight – 17.8 ounces (unloaded)

The Glock 43 has a magazine capacity of six rounds. The SIG’s 10 round standard magazine gives the user ten rounds with the option for an additional 12 round magazine that’s slightly longer. The specs between the two are nearly identical, with the most significant difference being the Glock 43’s barrel length. The main advantage would be a longer sight radius for the Glock 43. However, Glock places their rear sight so far forward on the slide this advantage is eliminated. The guns have nearly equal sight radius, with the Glock have maybe a 1/8th of an inch advantage.

Magazine Capacity

Of course, the biggest divider is magazine capacity. The SIG’s 12 round magazine increases the height of the gun by only 1/8th of an inch when measured against the pinky extended ten rounder. The SIG has the potential to offer twice the ammo while being fractions of an inch larger. The SIG’s capacity is a significant advantage against the Glock 43.


The Glock 43 comes with the standard Glock sights we all know and love. Well, love is a strong word, maybe tolerate is a better phrase? These plastic ‘target’ sights sport a U shaped rear sight and a forward single white dot sight.

SIG went a different route and included a set of their new X-Ray3 day/night sights on the P365. The front sight is a night sight but also sports a high visibility green ring around the tritium vial. This high viz front sight is perfect for daylight shooting and is very easy to pick up.

On the range, the bright green ring is much easier to focus on. Green as a color is more comfortable on the eyes and is quicker for your eyes to pick up. Establishing front sight focus from the draw, or on the reload is rapid.


Right after the bat both guns are very lightweight and feature thin and feel nice in hand. The feeling of a grip is subjective. The Glock 43 is a square brick. It’s simple, fits in hand and feels good. The Sig P365 uses a slight palm swell which also feels nice. Neither gun has sharp stippling, but I understand why. These are deep concealment guns, and rough stippling means lots of being rubbed raw.

The most significant difference I can feel is the undercut on the trigger guard. The higher undercut allows for a slightly higher grip, that to me is more comfortable. I have big meaty hands, and with the SIG I can use the standard flush fitting magazine on the gun and get most of my pinky on it. With the Glock 43, this isn’t happening with the flush fitting grip.

Other than that neither gun has a manual safety, so we are left with the magazine release and the slide lock. To me, the mag release on the Glock 43 is bigger and better. The Glock 43 magazines drop freely. The P365 magazines don’t fall free very well, and I have to grip and rip to reload. The P365’s smaller magazine release is easy to use, but with hands like mine, bigger is better.

The opposite is true of the slide lock. The Glock is a small, barely textured device that kind of sucks. Outside of the sights and trigger it’s the most common Glock upgrade. The SIG P365 sports a small slide release, but it’s textured with a step cut. It’s straightforward to accentuate. Neither works well for me, with a thumbs forward, grip I’m automatically pressing the release downwards, so the slides rarely lock back.


On the range, the gun’s both performed flawlessly regarding reliability. They rocked their way through 124 grain JHPs, 115-grain Federal aluminum, and of course the classic poor man’s Tulammo 9mm. Reliability is a tie.

Both guns feature similar triggers. Both have a slight bit of takeup, and then you hit a wall, then boom. The difference is the fact the Glock trigger is a bit heavier and feels like it’s plastic rubbing plastic. The SIG P365 is slightly smoother and more refined. The metal trigger is also a little more comfortable to me.

Recoil is also very similar. I will say the higher grip on the SIG seems to contribute to better control when rapid firing. I did a string of rapid fire from the 7, the 15, and 25-yard line. By rapid fire I mean I’d fire, regain a quick sight picture and shoot again. I wasn’t dumping magazines or anything crazy. With that said I was overall more accurate with the SIG regarding group size.

SIG 7 to 25 yards

Glock 7 to 25 Yards

Long Range Performance

I backed off to 35 yards and utilized a 21-inch tall steel popper. I fired in 5 round strings with three strings for each gun. I found performance to be nearly identical between the handguns. With the Glock 43, I hit 13 out of 15, and with the SIG P365, I did 12 out of 15.

Cold Range

The Glock 43 had one big problem at the range. I got some nasty slide bite from the Glock 43. When I got that high, firm grip on the Glock 43, it would rake the side of my thumb. This painful slide bite did cause a flinch eventually, and I had to learn to lower my grip a hair.

Overall both guns performed well, and I’d carry both with confidence. If I had to choose just one, it would be the SIG P365.


The price can always be a killer. There is a big difference between the MSRPs between the Glock 43 and SIG P365. The Glock 43 comes with a 449.99 MSRP, and SIG hits us with a 599.99 MSRP.

The price difference does reflect a few of the more exceptional details. The SIG’s presence of night sights, the more refined trigger, and the gun does sport a proprietary rail.

The price differences don’t end there though. Glock 43 factory magazines can be found for 20 bucks on a good day. SIG P365 magazines are running between 35 to 50 dollars depending on capacity.


Logistics wins wars. If this was a war, then the Glock has far superior logistics. The Glock 43 has far superior options for upgrades. You can easily swap out the trigger for something much better from companies like Apex and Agency Arms. Sights are abundant, and you can even purchase a complete slide that’s RMR ready and highly upgraded from companies like Agency Arms.

Let’s not forget to mention holsters, magazines, and barrels. The SIG P365 is entirely new and doesn’t have the same aftermarket support, and very likely never will. Glock is the golden goose for aftermarket companies.

Final Thoughts

The SIG P365 is going to set the world on fire. I imagine companies are going to be trying to replicate the gun’s small size and impressive firepower. Both the Glock 43 and the SIG P365 are great guns. I wouldn’t rush out to replace your Glock 43 with a P365. If you were new to the concealed carry market and can swing the price the SIG P365 is the superior choice. If you want a gun, you can tinker with nearly infinitely the Glock 43 is the way to go.

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