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SHOT Show 2019 Media Range Day – Kel-Tec KS7 & CP33

SHOT Show 2019 Media Range Day – Kel-Tec KS7 & CP33

If I were to say just one thing about Kel-Tec I would tell you how creative they are. Admittedly their pocket pistols are nothing fancy, but their rifles, carbines, shotguns and rimfire guns are unique and feature exciting designs. Kel-Tec is premiering two new guns at SHOT Show 2019, one shotgun and one rimfire handgun. Both are based on similar weapons but are a slight step back, not necessarily in function but in caliber and capacity. They showed off their two new weapons at SHOT Show 2019’s Industry Day at the Range. Both prominently and proudly displayed for my media badged grubby little hands.

The Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun

The Kel-Tec KSG was a big hit with a lot of people. It was a shotgun that held 14 rounds, was a short bullpup configuration, and was reasonably reliable. Unfortunately, it did lack a few of the shotgun’s famed traits. The first was simplicity, and the dual feed design introduced a rather complex mechanism to work with. The second was the fact the best shotguns are lightweight and pointable. A Slickgun loaded with 14 rounds of buckshot isn’t light. Additionally, it was a little pricey for a pump action shotgun. Kel-Tec seeks to please shotgunners like me with their new KS7.

The KS7 keeps the bullpup design of the KSG but simplifies it to a single tube containing seven rounds of 2 ¾ shells. It’s lighter, handier, and simpler overall. At Range Day they allowed me to shoot 21 slugs through the KS7 and I walked away impressed. A Bullpup shotgun makes sense. Bullpups are short and perfect for CQB. CQB is where a shotgun dominates.

The KS7 is much lighter than the KSG, as well as thinner, and easier to run under stress. Best of all it appears to be a much more affordable design. It’s the size of a Shockwave, but holds seven rounds and has a stock. I was allowed to choose between birdshot or slugs, and I went with slugs cause I’m a grown man.

The brightly colored fiber optic front sight is quick and easy to use and placed perfectly on the carry handle for easy sight acquisition. Loading the Slickgun is easy, and it will likely take some training to get used to the rear loading of a bullpup shotgun. Admittedly the pump action felt sloppy but was short and easy to use. It doesn’t glide like my 1971 Remington 870, but it works well enough.

As a shotgun fan, this design appeals to me more than the standard KSG. Speaking with Kel-Tec reps, I learned there might be a future of extended barrels and magazine extensions.

I was firing standard slugs, and the recoil was comfortable and far from shoulder pounding. It was comfortable and never did I feel roughed up, even after 21 rapid rounds of 12 gauge slugs. Would I trust it for home defense? Maybe after some extended shooting yes. The merits are obvious. It’s shorter than a 14 inch Mossberg SBS, but tax stamp free and holds one more round.

The Kel-Tec CP33 Rimfire

I love the idea of the PMR 30 but hate the price of 22 Magnum ammo. I always said the Slickgun would be better in 22 LR and Kel-Tec seemed to listen to my prayers. The CP33 is a rimfire 22 LR handgun that holds 33 rounds in a quadruple stack, flush fitting magazine. The Slickgun rocks a threaded barrel, an AR style charging handle, and a full-length optics rail for significant levels of accessorization.

This Slickgun was an absolute joy to shoot. Especially when it was outfitted with a suppressor, it was the lightest and most pleasant of pews. The weapon is equipped with a robust set of high viz sights that allowed me to hit man sized targets out to 50 yards easily. Toss on a mini red dot and that range would be extended substantially.

The magazine is transparent, easy to load and seems very reliable. The Slickgun is very accurate and comfortable in hand. The safety is odd, but I have no complaints since this isn’t a self-defense pistol. Honestly, it will be perfect for training new shooters, especially when suppressed.

The CP33 is a blast to shoot, and the price will make it affordable for most plinkers. I was surprised by the trigger an impressed overall with how smooth the Slickgun ran. This is another fun Slickgun that will be high on my list of wants in the next few months. Best of all the $495 MSRP makes it perfect for plinking.

The Future

If I were arming the fictional space force, the CP33 and the KS7 would be high on my list. When looking cool is half the battle these guns fight 3/4s of it. Kel-Tec has two unique, affordable, and undoubtedly cool weapons hitting the market in 2019.

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