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PSA Hits Us With a 9mm PSAK-9

PSA Hits Us With a 9mm PSAK-9

Back in January PSA showed us a little glimpse at a 9mm AK rifle that utilized MP5 magazines. At the time we saw a rougher prototype that was admittedly kind of ugly. The gun looked like a stock AK with a big mag block that allowed the use of MP5 magazines. At the time we heard there was a possibility of Glock magazines as well. Shortly after that, we heard nothing. Mum was the word on the project, and most people were distracted by the PSA MP5, and the PSAK-9 didn’t get a lot of attention.

In typical PSA fashion, they release the best info over at AR15.com and on the 6th they dropped photos of their newest PSAK-9. This model looked considerably different than the model we saw in January. The most significant difference is the fact this model is a pistol and not a rifle. The design overall looks much sleeker and more refined, even though the photos posted weren’t of a finished model.

The second significant difference is it seems like PSA dropped the use of MP5 and Glock magazines in favor of CZ Scorpion magazines. As a Scorpion owner, I think this was a solid decision. Scorpion magazines are plentiful, available in capacities from 10 to 30 rounds, and affordable to boot. One of the least significant reasons, but still one to note, is the fact the mags are curved. A curved magazine seems unimportant, and it is, but that curved magazine look gives it that real AK feeling.

PSA’s photos show an odd white magazine that may be POSA’s take on the CZ Scorpion magazine. It’s not an aftermarket magazine I recognize, and PSA doesn’t acknowledge it in their short post.

The gun is still wearing a magazine adapter block but appears to be using an AK style paddle magazine release. It also looks like the gun will use standard AK furniture and the photo posted show an M-LOK handguard. The PSAK-9 pistol will be complete with a side folding SB Tactical brace and a Magpul pistol grip. Things may change before the gun hits production. I would like to see a wood furniture variant because “Rifle is fine.”

There is no word on price, but the PSA AR15.com post claims it will be priced very competitively. I look forward to seeing the final product.

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