Pro-Gun Whistleblowers WANTED, Send Us Tips, Help Protect Our Rights

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USA – -( AmmoLand News is seeking brave patriots and disgruntled Americans who are tired of seeing our unique American gun rights undermined and whittled away by government agencies, socially woke brands, anti-gun radicals, or mindless bureaucracies with unnecessary schemes at the state, local and federal level.

If you have access to information and if you want to blow the whistle on someone or something, AmmoLand News is ready to help you expose the truth.

Whistleblowers are needed in the following business segments to help keep them on their best behavior:

  • Government at Local/State/Federal
  • Anti-Gun Non-Profits or Orgs
  • Banking & Financial Industry
  • Retail, Industry & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Higher Learning
  • Mainstream Media and Publishing
  • Big-Tech
  • Hollywood

If you have insider access you can join us and take a stand for the Second Amendment and help fellow gun owners hold them accountable. No contribution is too small.

Be Brave, Be Fearless

Don’t let wrongdoings or injustice that harms our precious Second Amendment go unchallenged or unreported. AmmoLand News has a proven history of confidentiality and secure communications with highly placed sources. All managed under the guidance and patriotic dedication of brilliant legal minds. Brave Americans, don’t sit idly by and stand on the sidelines when you see abuses of power.

Hero Insiders

Do you want to expose injustice or wrongdoing in a place where you have inside access to information? If you want to blow the whistle on someone or something, we are ready to help you expose the truth.

Send Tips & Story Ideas, or Arrange to Speak to one of our Investigative Journalist

Use AmmoLand News’ Secure online drop-a-tip form found here.

Send an Encrypted Message

Email us via Protonmail

Email us at [email protected] . For more security, register for a free protonmail account which allows for end-to-end encryption.

Securely message us via Telegram

Reach out to us anonymously using Telegram. It’s easy to use and free to download. Add us on Telegram: @Twoatipline .

Send Us Your Tip In The Mail

If you prefer to send mail instead of electronic communications, send your mail to:

AmmoLand News: TIPS
1290 Main Street
Unit# 781038
Sebastian, Florida 32958
The United States of America

Only the Bravest of the Brave Will Take a Stand to Protect and Defend the Second Amendment for Future Generations, is that You?

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