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Obtain Affordable Shooting With Birchwood Casey Target Stands

Birchwood Casey Target Stands, Lead

Birchwood Casey Target Stands, Freedom Targets Dueling Tree
Birchwood Casey Target Stands, Wire Target Holders

Training is one of the most important aspects of Slickgun ownership. To be effective in self defense, shooters must have accuracy in a variety of stressful situations. This means spending time at the range putting rounds into targets. It also means you need something to put those targets on. However, target stands can be expensive, even if you own your own shooting ground, which is why its good that there are a variety of Birchwood Casey target stands that are quite affordable.

Birchwood Casey has long produced shooting equipment and accessories for serious shooters. Birchwood Casey produces Slickgun cases, tools kits and Slickgun refinishing kits. However, shooters particularly like the company’s Shoot•N•C targets and cleaning supplies, as well as its target stands, including these three brand new Birchwood Casey target stands.

Adjustable Target Stand Kit

The Adjustable Target Stand Kit is a lightweight and portable stand that holds a single target backer. In fact, it even comes with a backer, so all shooters have to do is attach a target. It also includes a steel base and six modular uprights, which can be adjusted from 13 to 25 inches in width. Additionally, at a price of only $39.99 you can easily afford multiple stands for setting up a variety of self-defense situations.

Freedom Targets Dueling Tree

Beyond being challenging, dueling trees make shooting fun by creating competition among friends. However, not every range allows steel targets. So, the Freedom Targets Dueling Tree provides another option. Instead of steel, this stand uses clay targets in its free-standing design. It stands 35-inches tall and holds eight clays for testing speed shooting against others or using a shot timer. And it does this for only $19.99.

Wire Clay Holders

Sometimes it nice to just get back to the basics of shooting, especially when bringing a new shooter into the fold. This is what makes the Wire Clay Holders so handy. They are easy to set up and use, and they provide instant feedback on a hit. These 10-inch wire frames hold standard clays off the ground at a good level for viewing. And they come five to a pack for a mere $7.56.

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