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John Wick 3 Guns at SHOT Show 2019

John Wick 3 Guns at SHOT Show 2019

John Wick 1 and 2 are big Slickgun guy movies. They are a successful cross of both brilliant Slickgun handling and remarkable fantasy. We all saw Keanu rip it up at Taran Tactical and run some of the most excellent weapons Taran Tactical can produce. As we’ve seen John Wick has swapped from the P30L to the Taran Tactical G34, and now he’s wielding an entirely new crop of firearms. With the first trailer dropping, we saw a solid 3 Slickgun line up in the hands of Mr. Wick.

Best of all, the guns he uses are guns you can purchase and own. Taran Tactical even has an entire Wick category on their website. John uses some wonderful weapons, and his tastes seem to refine themselves in each movie. I tracked down the guns we’ve seen in the newest trailer for John Wick.

STI 2011 Combat Master

One of my favorite scenes in John Wick 2 is when he receives an eight-shot 1911 from what appears to be an old adversary. He is gifted this Slickgun to fight the big bad guy. Wick’s remarks mimicked my thoughts. John must have reconsidered the 1911 platform, but he ended up with a super modern weapon with the STI 2011 9mm. This 2011 is a double stack weapon with a 1911 action. The actual Slickgun is a collaboration between Taran Tactical and STI. It uses 9mm Major rounds which are heavy projectiles loaded up to maximize velocity. The weapon itself is unique and far from just a double stack 1911.

The Slickgun will feature a front sight permanently attached to the barrel. The idea is the sights won’t move with the slide. The idea is you’ll be quicker on target between bangs.

This Slickgun is a significant departure from the HK and Glock guns he has used in the past. This all metal, single action Slickgun is all American, and we’ll be seeing it rip through a few hundred rounds when the movie releases.


The SIG MPX a full-sized variant, which is surprising for a sub-Slickgun in a movie. However, this is another Taran Tactical creation, likely designed for the PCC classes that are rising in multi-Slickgun shooting. This MPX rocks a Lancer Tactical carbon fiber handguard, a TTI magazine well and baseplate, as well as a VLTOR stock. It’s topped off with a Trijicon MRO as well as what appears to be a laser device in front of the optic.

The TTI MPX’s have a lot done to them we can’t see in the short trailer. These upgrades include a Hiperfire trigger and an ion bonded BCG. This 9mm Slickgun would be super easy to handle and quite light. Well suited for close quarters use. To exemplify this, we do see John use the weapon as melee/throwing weapon. I guess when you are a master assassin a 3,500 dollar PCC is just a tool.

The Benelli M2

Reportedly John Wick will be going from the always awesome Benelli M4 in JW2 to a Benelli M2 Super 90. We don’t see Benelli in the trailer, and the only evidence that it’s in the movie is a Larry Vickers video. He goes over Mr. Wick’s weapons briefly, and a TT1 Benelli M2 was among the arsenal. We know Mr. Wick has some impressive boomstick handling skills. TTI makes some high-end shotgun packages, but it isn’t confirmed if this is a new design or a rendition of the standard TTI M1/M2 package.

I doubt we’ll see that ridiculous magazine tube that is on the current TTI 3 Slickgun package in the film. We’ll likely see the same well placed single round designed for quick speed reloads, a trigger job, and all the usual TTI add-ons and do-hickeys

Mr. Wick

Of course, these weapons are all fantastic without the TTI upgrades and are all excellent firearms. The MPX, STI, and Benelli are classic firearms with proven and dedicated fan bases. As Mr. Wick proved in the final act when he’s armed only with an 8 round 1911, its the man not the Slickgun that matters.

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