If Senator Josh Hawley's Wife Doesn't Own a Gun, She Needs to Get One...Now

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Last night, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tweeted that “Antifa scumbags” had come to his house in Vienna, Virginia. The protesters apparently object to Hawley’s plans to force a debate over Biden’s electors in the Senate this week. Haweley was back home in Missouri last night, but he reports that Antifa types “screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door.” This must be part of that whole unity thing Joseph Robinette Biden keeps yammering on about.

As the Daily Mail reports . . .

Members of ShutDownDC held a ‘Vigil for Democracy’ on Monday night. Video of the vigil showed at least a dozen protesters gathered on the sidewalk outside Hawley’s residence, which is actually in Virginia not DC.

Here’s ShutDownDC’s video of the incident . . .

The video shows three of the protesters leaving the sidewalk and approaching the front door. It isn’t clear what they did there and the video is edited.

If this had been the Biden residence, we know exactly what would have happened. Jill Biden — sorry…DOCTOR Jill Biden — would have fired a couple of shotgun blasts through the door at the protesters. Instead, Erin Hawley appears to have called the police.

It’s not clear if the protesters with the bullhorn were actually Antifa-affiliated. They appeared to be just a small group of loud left wing types out to attract some media attention while harassing Hawley. They couldn’t even manage to get through their brief, unimaginative chants without a crib sheet.

But that doesn’t mean that actual Antifa types might not show up a the Senator’s home some other time. A time that the Senator again isn’t at home and his wife and children will have to deal with a potential threat themselves. Actual black bloc brownshirts won’t be content to chant from the sidewalk and stick a copy of the Constitution on the door.

We don’t know if the Hawleys own firearms, but given how often Senators travel and in the current super-heated political climate, we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving our family members at home, unprotected, without the means to defend themselves should it come to that. And then there’s always the possibility of run-of-the-mill criminal activity such as burglaries and home invasions which affect everyone. Even in suburban Virginia.

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