Off-body carry — carrying a concealed gun in a a briefcase, backpack, purse, whatever — isn’t ideal. It usually makes it more difficult and slower to access your gun. Then there’s the fact that whatever you’re using to carry your gun isn’t attached to you. You’ll put it down at some point and won’t be in control of your gun. That makes it easier for a thief to grab it or for you to forget it.

But whether it’s ideal or not, off-body carry is a reality. It’s the only method a lot of people are comfortable with.

Whether because of the weight or an inability to conceal a handgun given what you’re wearing, tens of thousands of people choose to carry a concealed handgun in something they carry rather than with something they wear.

Holster makers and others have come up with some imaginative ways to do that that do an excellent job of hiding the fact that you’re armed. This is Galco’s Idefense that also holds a tablet.

It’s made of leather and looks exactly like the kind of portfolio that lots of people use on a daily basis. You can sit in a meeting room with your gun right there on the table and no one should be the wiser.

They make a couple of other versions of similar design, one called the Defense Planner and the amusingly monikered Hidden Agenda. All you have to do is keep it with you at all times and make sure you’re in control of it.

Do you off-body carry? If so, in what? With an awful lot of brand new gun owners out there and concealed carry classes busier than ever, what advice would you give to a new carrier on the best way to carry off-body?


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