Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

HK Adds Push Button Mag Release & Ambi Safety to VP9 Options List

HK Adds Push Button Mag Release & Ambi Safety to VP9 Options List

After years of handgun enthusiasts pushing their buttons and paddling them for weird European design features, Heckler & Koch has had enough. They’ve given in to the mob – which is to say just about every pistol shooter in the US.

HK is now offering a push button mag release on the VP series of pistols including the ever-popular VP9. At least, that’s what we can see on the HK website, which calls the VP9 the SFP9 outside the US: a push button mag release in the standard location for American pistol shooters.

They’ve also apparently heard from all 23 left-handed people in America because they’re adding an ambidextrous safety as an option on the VP series pistols as well. This is in addition to its ambi slide release. Although we don’t have details on the push button mag release just yet, it would probably be a safe assumption that it is ambi as well – after all, why go to the difficulty of engineering ambi slide release, safety, and so on without going all the way and adding an ambi push button mag release? The stock paddle mag release has been ambidextrous from the get-go, so it would almost be a step back if they offered a left side only push button mag release.

Ergonomics are the name of the game with the VP9 and its step-cousin the VP40, with interchangeable grip panels on the front, rear, and both sides of the grip to enable people with hand sizes ranging from tiny to huge to achieve a proper grip. I have in the past found the VP9 and VP9SK to be amazingly shootable handguns – the sort of pistol you simply pick up and put rounds on target with, skipping the awkward getting-to-know-each-other phase where bullets inexplicably miss the bullseye. The new safety and mag release options only make the pistol more attractive, and will probably make me take a second look at the lineup.

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