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Griffin Armament – FREE Additional Muzzle Device Promo – Expires 06/01/18

Griffin Armament – FREE Additional Muzzle Device Promo – Expires 06/01/18

Sometimes being quiet is good, and Griffin Armament wants you to be quiet. Their newest promo is offering a free muzzle device with the purchase of any rifle suppressor until June 1st, 2018. The deal is simple. Buy a Griffin Armament rifle suppressor from their RECCE, PALADIN, SPORTSMAN, OPTIMUS, or SD series and save the receipt and make a copy of your form 4.

Take that information and email it to Customer service with then contact you and you’ll pay the shipping and handling of your free muzzle device and that is it. Once you pay for the S&H you’ll choose your muzzle device and you need to include your suppressor serial number in the check out comments. If you don’t your muzzle device won’t ship. You’ll also need to comment your thread pitch, caliber, and the type of device as well.

They also want you to list a backup device in case the first isn’t available. So make sure you choose a second favorite too.

You don’t seem to be limited to your muzzle device selection. In a perfect world, you could buy a muzzle device compatible with your suppressor and call it a day. Let’s say you already have one that’s compatible. Why not purchase something a little different? You have plenty of options from Griffin Armament.

Griffin Armament is a small, veteran company founded by two brothers. Both are OIF veterans and sniper qualified. Their time in the military resulted in hearing loss, and this drives them to produce the best suppressors possible. Griffin Armament backs their products with a perpetual lifetime warranty. They will replace or repair your suppressor at no cost if it becomes damaged or defective. Of course, theft, intentional misuse, and loss is the deal breaker. The warranty is transferable to future owners as well.

Expires 06/01/18

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