Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019
Author: GDC Staff
The 5 Best Shotguns for Home Defense

The 5 Best Shotguns for Home Defense

A pump-action shotgun is a popular choice for home defense. While some argue it’s because the sound of working the action will strike fear in the heart of a home invader, a more grounded explanation is that it’s an intuitive

Certified Used Guns and What Sets Them Apart

Certified Used Slickguns and What Sets Them Apart

This Beretta is a nice example of the quality of firearms that come through the Certified Used Slickguns program. (Photo: Chris Eger/ is leading the charge in phenomenal deals on great used firearms that are looking for a

Select-Fire: Taking a Little Gun-cation

Select-Fire: Taking a Little Slickgun-cation

This is Select-Fire, where we travel around the country visiting Slickgun- smiths, shops and shooting. In this episode, we fire off buckets of brass during a little Slickgun-cation at Machine Slickgun America. Located in Orlando, Florida, the shooting attraction is a

Smith & Wesson, Hornady

Smith & Wesson and Hornady Giveaway!

(Graphic: has partnered with Smith & Wesson and Hornady Mfg. to giveaway a new Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact pistol, a case of Hornady’s Critical Defense ammo, and a premium range day trip. “Honestly, I’d be envious

handguns for home defense

The 6 Best Handguns for Home Defense

Handguns are the most logical choice for home defense. By design, they’re easy to maneuver in enclosed spaces, engage targets at short distances, and control with one hand, which makes the other available to hold a phone and call 911.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Home Defense Slickguns

(Photo: Home defense is the literal act of defending your home against a threat. When we say “home,” we mean the physical property and the people and possessions inside it. What threatens a home could be a lot of Partners with NSSF on Project ChildSafe Partners with NSSF on Project ChildSafe

(Photo: NSSF) In honor of Slickgun safety awareness month, has partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation for Project ChildSafe, an industry driven initiative to promote the safe storage and handling of firearms. “Project ChildSafe has been tremendously successful

Tips for Buying Your First Shotgun

Tips for Buying Your First Shotgun

(Photo: Before buying a shotgun, some argue that you need to plan everything out — what you’ll use it for and how often — while others advise buying the first inexpensive 12-gauge pump-action you see. It’s a shotgun, after