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Chick-fil-A restaurants have a well-earned reputation for courtesy and cheerful employees. And their loyal customer base reciprocates, coming back time and again for the good food and great service. So when Willie Gloston IV decided to pull an armed robbery at a CFA in Atlanta, well, he made a profound error in his victim selection process.

It didn’t go well for him, but in the end it might have been the luckiest day in his life.

Employees evacuated the business when Gloston drew his gun, but customers confronted him in the parking lot. The instructor in me screams that taking on a bad guy who’s trying to leave the scene is never a good idea, however I didn’t see what happened. Perhaps Mr. Gloston the Fourth pointed his gat at innocent bystanders, causing sheepdogs to take action.

Either way, one armed chicken lover produced his (or her) own heater and fired a few shots, causing Mr. Gloston⁴ to run as if his hair was ablaze.

It did him little good as other bystanders apprehended him and held him until police arrived.

The Epoch Times has the story:

An armed person stopped an attempted burglary in Atlanta this week, police said.

On March 8 around 3:03 p.m., officers responded to a Chik-fil-A (sic) on Peachtree Street.

“Upon arrival, officers spoke with witnesses who stated a black male walked inside, produced a firearm and demanded money from several employees. The employees fled and the suspect exited the business a short time later. Several nearby citizens confronted the suspect as he was leaving. One of the citizens was armed and at some point, during the confrontation, the citizen fired several shots. The suspect ran on foot and was apprehended nearby, by the citizens and held until police arrived,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a preliminary update sent to The Epoch Times.

“The suspect’s weapon was recovered. No one was struck by the gunfire and charges are pending against the robbery suspect. No charges have been filed against the citizen and the investigation continues,” the department added.

The suspect was identified as Willie Gloston IV, 23. The arrest report does not show an address for Gloston.

The suspect was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He is being held in the Fulton County jail.

If there’s one fast food restaurant that’s a guaranteed poor choice for a successful armed robbery attempt, a busy Chick-fil-A is probably it. Even here in Illinois, where only 4% of adults have carry licenses, there are almost always a few pistol packing patrons present during busy times.

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