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Army Set to Field New DMR Rifle This Year

Army Set to Field New DMR Rifle This Year

Heckler and Koch seems to be ruling the roost when it comes to the military’s Squad Designated Marksman rifles. Currently, the Marine Corps is issuing the M38, which at its base is an HK 416/M27, equipped with a Leupold Mark 4 scope. The Army has been working on a new DMR rifle for some time and plans to start issuing the rifle this September finally. The Army is going with the HK G28E modified to the Army’s strict standards. The gun will be known as the SDM-R and will feature a different stock and barrel twist than the older M110A1 CSASS.

This 7.62 NATO rifle will offer more punch and more range than your standard M4A1 the Army is currently issuing. It seems the Army is building on the lessons from Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the enemy was commonly fighting from beyond 300 meters, and the addition of long-range rifles and machine guns made a considerable practical difference. The SDM-R, according to the Army, will give soldiers the ability to strike targets out to 600 yards.

More than that, a DMR rifle also allows soldiers to make more precise short range shots. Additional advantages include hitting targets that are not correctly using cover. The more powerful 7.62 rounds will better penetrators as well. 7.62 NATO will defeat lighter cover with more efficiency and be more effective at putting rounds through thin-skinned civilian vehicles. While body armor has not been a significant threat in the War on Terror, it’s always nice to be able to defeat hard plate armor better.

The final rifle, or system, will be complete with a suppressor, bipod, and scope. As we previously reported the optic chosen would be the SIG Tango6 1-6x24mm scope that’s been ruggedized for combat use. The SDM-R will also be wearing a Geissele M-LOK rail system, an OSS suppressor and what appears to be a Harris bipod. The Army is looking to acquire 6,069 rifles total.

The SCM-R will be a lighter, and shorter rifle than the M110 it will be replacing. These changes make it much better suited for standard infantry tasks than a full-size sniper rifle. At 9.9 pounds it is quite light compared to similar guns.

The SDM-R is an exciting step forward for the Army and will give shooters a modernized 7.62mm rifle. Previously the M14 was modified to be a DMR rifle. However, as anyone knows the M14 is hardly a marksman’s rifle and beat up models still in army inventory would likely have a few of their own issues. The SDM-R will hit infantry, scout, and engineer companies this September.

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