You might expect a man whose company makes concealed carry holsters to preach against open carry. Not so with Bravo Concealment’s jefe, Rene Aquirre. His Texas company makes level one inside and outside the waistband holsters (I own four of them) and he’s a proponent of carrying a gun — either openly or concealed — because it’s your right to do so.

As he makes clear in the video above, he’s heard all the arguments against open carry, such as . . .

  • Someone will grab your gun from behind and disarm you.
  • You lose the element of surprise when you open carry.
  • Open carry gives all gun owners a bad name.

Watch the video for Mr. Aquirre’s fisking of all three of those reasons to keep your gun on the DL.

As he concludes . . .

I’ve had people tell me, ‘This is why they go after our rights. Because we go out there and we showboat them.’ They’re coming after the Second Amendment because they just don’t like guns period. And they don’t like us. 

It doesn’t matter if we play nice or not. As long as we’re doing what’s legally right, and what we can do, it doesn’t matter, guys. Don’t let political correctness keep you from carrying, whether it’s concealed or open carry. 

Well put. But even given Aguirre’s rebuttal to the anti-open carry arguments, a lot of gun owners still think open carry is just a bad idea.

How about you? If you can open carry, do you? If you could, would you? Do you disagree with Mr. Aguirre?

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