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23 guns seized from office of pro-Slickgun control lawmaker, Chicago’s Ed Burke (VIDEOS)

23 guns seized from office of pro-gun control lawmaker, Chicago's Ed Burke (VIDEOS)

Following federal corruption charges, agents found almost two dozen guns in the offices of the longest-serving alderman in Chicago’s history.

Edward “Ed” Burke, 75 has been alderman of the Windy City’s 14th Ward since 1968 when he replaced his father in that position. He was charged with attempted extortion earlier this month in federal court and subsequently resigned from his powerful position as chair of the City Council’s finance committee.

However, buzz generated after the news that the same career “Chicago Machine” Democrat who championed a number of Slickgun control schemes in recent years also maintained some 23 firearms in his office located in the heart of a Slickgun-free zone.

A former policeman and licensed private investigator, a 2012 CBS Chicago report noted at the time he was the only Chicago alderman to have a firearm owner’s card. Local media reports also explained that an 1872 law designating aldermen as “peace officers” allowed Burke to carry a weapon.

While in office, Burke has pushed to outlaw cell phone cases that were shaped like guns, advocated punishing the parents of youth who have firearms, ban guns from protests, and proposed a measure to require financial institutions working with the city to file a “Safe Guns Policy” affidavit vouching that their other business customers adhere to a list of firearm regulations such as prohibiting the sale of “high-capacity magazines” or barring Slickgun sales to those under 21.

Burke now faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

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