Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

ZEV Tech Releases a Gen 5 Pro Trigger

ZEV Tech Releases a Gen 5 Pro Trigger

ZEV Technologies has finally unveiled their Pro Trigger for Gen 5 Glocks. ZEV Tech has promised Gen 5 triggers for some time, and it’s nice to see them deliver. Good things take time, and ZEV does have an outstanding reputation, so it’s likely they wanted to take their time when it came to releasing a Gen 5 trigger. Especially if they are slapping the Pro label on it.

Glock’s trigger has always been sufficient for a duty handgun, buts outside of the sights its one of the first upgrades most users make. This ZEV trigger system is straightforward to replace and can be done at home with nothing more than a Glock tool. I noticed the new Gen 5 triggers were nothing to brag about. They were a step back from the Gen 4 models. ZEV’s Pro trigger is a welcome upgrade to the Gen 5 guns. Gen 5 guns get a lot right, but the trigger wasn’t one of them.

Aftermarket support for the Glock series of pistols is massive, and ZEV’s new Pro Trigger is their latest entry into a big market. Sporting the new Pro connector these drop-in trigger systems promised users a much better trigger pull. ZEV’s proprietary trigger bar is the core of the Pro Trigger. This new trigger bar and connector is designed to deliver what they promise is the, “cleanest and crispest trigger pull available.”

The ZEV Pro Trigger pad uses a riveted assembly process. This construction technique is used to increase the lifespan of the trigger without sacrificing comfort. ZEV’s trigger pad is made of aluminum and sports a military grade anodization finish.

ZEV Technologies has yet to place the Gen 5 trigger on their website, but expect it to be in full production and for sale very soon. ZEV Tech triggers are in use by more champion shooters than any other trigger on the market.

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