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Walther CCP M2 Updated and Improved

Walther CCP M2 Updated and Improved

Walther’s Concealed Carry Pistol was a pretty big hit when it made it to market. The Walther Arms CCP was an exciting design that tried to do something new. That utilized a gas retard system to reduce recoil and make the gun insanely easy to rack. This made it a popular choice for shooters with reduced hand strength. The Walther CCP turned out to be a very accurate gun due to it’s fixed barrel design. It was a great gun but had one major flaw, and it required a tool to take the gun apart. Well the Walther CCP M2 is taking a few steps forward.

As an owner of the original CCP, I hated that to take it apart you needed a tool and at least three hands. It was one of the reasons I eventually sold the pistol. I will say the promises of reduced recoil were met, and the gun was outstandingly accurate. The Walther CCP M2 has introduced tool-less take down to the CCP series. A tool-less takedown is the most significant change to the weapon is the fact the gun no longer requires a tool to take down. The reason the gun needed a tool for the takedown is due to the gas system and fixed barrel. The barrel doesn’t rotate like a universal Browning design so getting the slide off the gun requires an unconventional approach.

The Walther CCP M2 made a few additional changes to the platform to make it more user-friendly. The cocked striker is now red to make it easy to see, so you know when the weapon is cocked. The Walther CCP M2 features excellent ergonomics, and the gas system is more than a gimmick. It does work exceptionally well and reduces recoil significantly. The CCP series is a great idea and initially was plagued by the required tool takedown.

The CCP was designed for new shooters, with its manual safety, slightly longer than average trigger pull, and of course the reduced recoil system. The idea that a tool was needed on a beginner’s handgun was a foolish one. The new Walther CCP M2 model does away with that and its perfect for new shooters, or even experienced shooters who need something with a little less recoil.

The CCP M2 features an 8+1 round magazine, ambidextrous magazine release, a 3.54-inch barrel, and a 5.5-pound trigger. The CCP M2 features the great ergonomics the CCP was known for and has an excellent grip, fundamental, but solid sights, and will come in either black cerakote or stainless steel.

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