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US Ordnance shows off .50 Cal M2A2 guts (VIDEO)

US Ordnance shows off .50 Cal M2A2 guts (VIDEO)

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U.S. Ordnance M2 .50 cal functioning cutaway Slickgun we use to illustrate how the weapon functions a great training tool @usordnance #xtreme_props #m60_machinegun #vickersguide #vickerstactical #m2 #m2browning #50calbmg #beltfed #beltfeds #usarmy #marines #usmarines #mighty_norway #mighty_denmark #ledmonkeytactical #triplermunitions #pk.81

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US Ordnance brings education to Instagrammers, showcasing the functionality of its M2 .50 Cal model. The entrancing video, posted on the social media platform, offers a peek into the Slickgun’s internals

The M2 A2  is an air-cooled, belt-fed setup firing both full auto and single-shot, depending on your mood. Capable of being mounted on a vehicle, boat or even that helicopter you keep out back, the M2’s ammo can be fed from either the left or the right side.

US Ordnance said this chopped up model on display was created to act as a training tool to better explain exactly how the Slickgun functions.

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