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US Navy Buys Trijicon RMRs in Bulk

US Navy Buys Trijicon RMRs in Bulk

The US Navy announced that Trijicon Inc has been awarded a contract for $7,626,587 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for miniature handgun reflex sights. The deal doesn’t say RMRs in particular, but that’s the only handgun sight they make. The agreement will last five years and states:

The handgun reflex sight is a low profile, wide field of view, passive sight for rapid day and night pistol target engagements in confined spaces, while prisoner handling, or in extremis after the primary weapon malfunctions.

A few different websites are reporting this contract like its an add-on for the recent adoption of the M17 and M18 handguns. The M17 and M18 pistols are equipped for use with miniature red dots, but the footprint on these guns is for the Leupold Delta Point Pro-optic. Trijicon RMRs are not compatible with the M17 and M18 pistols.

The contract specifies that the optics are being sent to NSWC Crane. NSWC is a naval institution, but they test and supply weapons for SOCOM. SOCOM is a joint effort that involves the US Military’s heavy hitters in the Special Operations community. The handgun reflex sight is part of the USASOC’s Miniature Aiming System-Day Optics program aka the MAS-D program. A roadmap was submitted in summer of 2017 by Colonel Samuel Ashley.

This Powerpoint presentation presented a wide variety of new optics and weapons. This presentation included the Handgun Reflex Sight. In this presentation, the Leupold was shown. The Navy is taking delivery of 14,000 of these systems over five years. The previous presentation mentioned an allocation allotment for the handgun reflex sights, and according to that, we’ve learned the following.

  • USASOC will receive 7893 optics
  • MARSOC will receive 1737 optics
  • NSWC will receive 1956 optics
  • AFSOC will receive 1006 optics

Adding this up brings the total to 12,592 optics. The 14,000 optics will cover this contract, and everyone in the Special Operations community gets to play.

These optics are going on the soon to be adopted Glock 19 optics ready models. According to the same presentation, An optics ready Glock 19 with a weapon light will be the gun of choice. The Navy or SOCOM have confirmed nothing, but I’d bet five bucks these optics are for the Glock platform.

The RMR is already in use by the United States Marine Corps. The RMR is actually in use by machine gunners and Automatic Rifleman. The Marine Corps adopted two Trijicon Machine gun optics, both outfitted with RMRs for close quarter’s use. As someone who used this system, the RMR was plenty durable. I took one on a very long deployment through a wide variety of different environments including multiple beach landings, desert and mountain environments. The RMR held up well, and the Trijicon RMR is the standard for combat handguns and duty use.

To me, this is exciting news. The adoption of optic’s equipped handguns is a significant move forward. Firearm’s enthusiasts and firearm’s instructors have long been advocates of optic’s equipped pistols. This purchase and adoption is the first step to seeing them become serious contenders in the duty firearm world.

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