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Tucson City Councilman Proposes Dumb Gun Policy

Tucson City Councilman Proposes Dumb Gun Policy

Steve Kozachik, a Tucson City Councilman, is upset that the State of Arizona made Tucson resell, not destroy, guns acquired in buybacks. In a fit of pique, he is proposing something dumb: that the city restricts who it sells the guns to – and buys police weapons from – by only working with “socially responsible” gun dealers.

What is a “socially responsible” gun dealer, you ask? Well, you can probably guess – it’s one that doesn’t think the average citizen deserves to buy some things that are legal. In this case, Kozachik says any dealer that sells “military-style assault weapons” to the public is not socially responsible.

Naturally, I have a few problems with this. First, these terms are so fluid as to be almost undefinable. What is “socially responsible”? What’s to stop the city council from deciding, in a few years, that any dealer selling anything other than single shot rimfires is not socially responsible?

Further, how does one define “military-style assault weapons”? Assault weapons ban often target evil black rifles while exempting both military firearms and other firearms which have been used in the deadliest mass shooting in history. Again, the city could simply expand this definition to include any firearm used by or similar to one used by a military, including pump shotguns, semi-auto handguns, and more.

What this is, in effect, is a backdoor attempt to ban gun sales by the city, subverting the decision of the judicial branch that the state can preempt local firearm laws. You see, Tucson could simply claim that since it has been unable to find a sufficiently responsible gun dealer, it cannot sell guns purchased at buybacks – or at the very least, it will be able to slow the pace of sales.

This will probably put the city back in court, causing quite a bit of unnecessary expense and wasting everyone’s time before the city loses again.

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