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Trailblazer manufacturing tour shows Lifecards being born (PHOTOS)

Trailblazer manufacturing tour shows Lifecards being born (PHOTOS)

Made in Asheville, NC, the Lifecard, capable of fitting in an Altoids tin when folded, is Trailblazer’s signature gun (Photos: Trailblazer Firearms)

North Carolina-based Trailblazer Firearms recently shared some photos from their factory floor showing some of the production on their folding .22 deep concealment pistol.

The product of a seven-year project, Trailblazer debuted the Lifecard last year to a curious market.

Machined from a solid billet and featuring a steel barrel in an aluminum frame and handle, the compact folding rimfire is discreet.

Overall length is 3.375 inches with a width of 0.5 inches, or about the same profile as a stack of credit cards. Weight is 7 ounces.

Billed as the “last gun you’ll leave behind,” the Lifecard is capable of fitting in the “5th” pocket of a pair of jeans and the company has sold more than 6,000 guns so far, proving that it isn’t vaporware.

“Our commitment to designing and manufacturing American-made firearms remains our top priority,” says the company in a statement, going on to elaborate that 2019 “may include a few new product announcements.”

Retail on the Lifecard is $399, tin not included.

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