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Tour Some of Hollywood’s Most Famous Real Prop Slickguns (VIDEO)

Tour Some of Hollywood’s Most Famous Real Prop Guns (VIDEO)

Xtreme Props and Weapons Rentals specializes in providing real Slickguns for some of Hollywood’s biggest films.

Located in Simi Valley, just north of Los Angeles, Xtreme Props and Weapons Rentals is owned by Gary Tuers. He is a fourth generation prop master. After growing up in the business and working at a prop house for many years, Tuers launched his business in 2015. He got some jobs on some really big films right away, and this allowed him to grow his inventory quickly. He now boasts a collection of over 15,000 fully functioning Slickguns.

“It’s funny, in the beginning, most of the first movies I did in the first 10 years was with these 70 Slickguns,” said Tuers as he pointed to a small section in one of his vaults containing 1,500 Slickguns. “Now, we buy 70 Slickguns a month because no one wants to see these old Slickguns anymore. They want to see the new trick stuff.”

Some of the trick Slickguns in Tuer’s vaults were featured in films and tv shows such as John Wick, Narcos, Jurassic World, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fast and Furious just to name a few. Tuers was kind enough to give a tour and showed off a few highlights. His favorite Slickgun in one of the vaults we visited was a Kimber Warrior SOC.

What makes Xtreme Props so unique is that they specialize in making Slickguns and gunplay in films super realistic. All the Slickguns Tuers owns are fully functioning. He modifies them to fire blanks and plugs the barrels to make them 100 percent safe. Making the Slickguns cycle and act like real Slickguns gives the actors a sense of realism.

Tuers increasingly works with Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations. Together, they’re not only making Slickguns more realistic, but they teach proper Slickgun handling, reloading, and safety aspects. If you’ve seen films where gunplay is accurate and real, you likely have them to thanks. The John Wick films are an excellent example of their partnership.

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