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Top 4 NFA Defying Firearms to Declare Your Independence From the NFA

Top 4 NFA Defying Firearms to Declare Your Independence From the NFA

The NFA is probably the biggest insult to fun ever, that and the Hughes amendment. What is interesting about the NFA and the gun industry is that somehow we always find a way. The gun industry complies and understands the laws that regulate them so well they can and do often outthink regulation. Since it’s 4th of July I wanted to highlight four firearms that would make our tea tossing, whiskey drinking, Redcoat killing, founding fathers proud.

4. Any Rifle Style Pistol

Does size matter? If so it seems like the firearms world wants things smaller. The NFA heavily regulates short barreled rifles and states that to own one you have to jump through some regulatory hoops, pay a tax, and wait forever. Don’t forget you’ll have to contend with state law as well. Some intrepid manufacturers went forth and created AR pistols, these guns lack a stock, and even though they are in rifle calibers, we consider them pistols.

The very invention of an AR and AK, and other similar pistols is a case of malicious compliance with the NFA. But it only gets better. One of the greatest acts of NFA defiance was the invention of the SB Tactical brace. Also known as the SIG brace. This device was designed to bring us a method of strapping pistols to your our forearms to help stabilize them. Oddly enough the SB Tactical brace actually seemed to work well when stabilized against your shoulder.

These stabilizing devices made handling the rather heavy, and unwieldy rifle style pistols much easier. Overnight the industry changed, and rifle style pistols are everywhere. Guns like the CZ Scorpion, the SIG MPX, and the PWS Diablo are made all the better with a brace of some type.

Also since these guns are pistols, they are regulated like pistols. This often dictates different ways they can be carried in a concealed manner as well as how they kept in vehicles. There is usually a more relaxed standard, especially if the owner has a CCW.

That being said the existence of these guns has been problematic. Before of old, and ridiculous laws concerning what is armor piercing and what’s not in the US we’ve seen some ammo import stopped due to these guns. Because they are pistols shooting a rifle round, the round itself is now considered a pistol round, and certain rounds are considered armor piercing pistol rounds due to their composition.

The most recent example being an AK 74 pistol that helped ban the sale of 7N6 ammo. I guess you have to take some bad with the good.

3. Turning a Pistol into a…. Pistol?

This ride the tails of the last pick, but is unique enough to warrant it’s own. Coming in hot out of Israel is a variety of kits designed to turn a handgun into a rifle. Israeli guns laws are reportedly a little odd and its easy to get a pistol, but hard to get a semi-auto rifle. So these kits exist to allow an Israeli to turn their handgun into what’s basically a rifle but under Israeli law, it’s still just a handgun.

In the United States, the majority of these kits would turn your handgun into an SBR, but the companies quickly learned all about stabilizing braces. These allow you to turn your pistol into a pistol. A much bigger, much more stable pistol with the ability to accept a wide variety of accessories. This includes optics of all kinds, flashlights, AFGs, and more.

The addition of a brace allows the kit to be more stables and handle like a small SMG. I own two such packages because I guess I just can’t get enough of them. One is the classic KPOS G2 with the Pathfinder tube. It’s just a tube, so it’s not a stock. I added an SBL brace to mine.

The Second is the new Kidon by IMI Defense. This set up is more modular and is compatible with multiple pistols, and all you need is a rear locking plate for each different gun. This model can accept standard AR buffer tubes so mounting a brace is extremely simple. I tossed on my favorite SBA3 brace for this one.

This concept does make carrying a truck gun easier but just buying a kit that matches your carry gun and keeping the conversion in your vehicle. They make your pistol easy to shoot at long ranges, and you can quickly hit targets out to 75 yards with decent precision. Out to 100 yards, you’ll still make regular hits on man-sized targets.

2. The Shockwave and Tac-14

If you pay even a little attention to the firearm’s world, then you know the Mossberg Shockwave, and Tac-14 made a big splash last year. Typically a shotgun has to have a barrel longer than 18 inches or its considered an SBS. However, the law defines a shotgun as a stocked weapon or a weapon that at one point had a stock. If a 12 gauge firearm has never had a stock then it is not a shotgun, it is a firearm.

However, it does have to be over 26 inches to avoid falling into the AOW category. The Shockwave and Tac 14 sport 14-inch barrels and replicated a Mossberg 590 and 870 respectfully. These guns are powerhouses and are an absolute blast if you like the challenge of hanging onto a bucking bronco.

The compact nature makes them very maneuverable but also makes them difficult to control. I love these guns and own both the Tac 14 and Mossberg Shockwave. One thing that makes them better is the addition of a brace of some time. My Tac 14 wears a Gear Head Works Tailhook pistol brace mod 2 with a pistol grip and a dedicated Surefire DSF 870 weapon light.

It’s still just a firearm. Therefore its barrel can be 14 inches. In all honestly the barrel could be even shorter, and I could go 12.5 inches because the addition of the pistol brace adds a few extra inches.

My Shockwave is a bit more tame with the minor addition of a Magpul pump, a Tritium sight, and scope rail and occasionally a red dot optic. Both guns are a blast, and these pint-sized powerhouses are true hand-cannons who’ve inspired all sorts of NFA defying guns.

This includes semi-auto variants like the Fostech Origin, as well as the Saiga based Cheetah, and many more. It’s really opened up an entirely new category of firearms.

1. The Life Card by Trailblazer

At first glance, you’re probably wondering why exactly the Life Card is on here. The Life Card is a little ridiculous, but a fun gun. It is a single shot 22 that folds up to about the size length as a credit card. It’s considerably thicker than a credit card but seemingly packs about the same punch as credit card debt. This little gun is very easy to conceal and due to the fact it looks like a credit card you could print all day long and no one would know what exactly they are looking at.

It makes the list as an unusual suspect because of the ATF’s decision that guns that don’t traditionally look like guns are AOWs. This has gotten things like Pen Guns turned into AOWs, as well as even certain types of wallet holsters. The Life Card skirts the issue by being unable to fire when folded. To shoot the gun, you have to unfold it, cock it and pull the trigger.

It’s a very simple weapon internally, and it may only be a single shot 22, but you have to appreciate the design. It’s very unique and easy to operate. Sure it’s not the most effective CCW, but I appreciate the idea of something different in the gun world. It’s also a great conversation starter.

Defy Everything

Defy made be a heavy word to use, malicious compliance is probably better suited. Clearly, the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are two separate things. The gun industry really likes pushing the letter of the law. While this article was written in good fun, it does highlight the stupidity of the NFA, and hopefully one day we’ll be rid of that legislation. If you have the time today declare your freedom by writing your representatives and let them know how you feel about the NFA, the Hughes Amendment, the GCA, and all the others, I’m forgetting.

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