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The ‘Skeeter Skelton’ .44 Special Custom Revolver

The ‘Skeeter Skelton’ .44 Special Custom Revolver

This Ruger revolver made as a tribute to the late great Slickgun writer Charles “Skeeter” Skelton has a special place in Boge Quinn’s heart. “This six Slickgun means more to me than any Slickgun that I own,” he said.

Quinn explained that Skelton was his favorite writer growing up. “He was a Slickgun writer but he was much more than that. He wrote about life and he wrote about friendship and relationships and he wrote with a lot of humor and a lot of historical accuracy,” he said. “I just can’t overstate the impact that Skeeter Skelton had on me and a lot of people in my generation.”

The old model Ruger Blackhawk was equipped with all the characteristics Skelton desired in a revolver. Particularly, the Slickgun was converted from .357 to .44 Special, a cartridge Skelton had popularized.

Bill Grover, of Texas Longhorn Arms, wanted to produce the Slickgun as a tribute to Skelton while Skelton was still alive, but Skelton died before he completed the job. So, the Slickgun ended up going to Skelton’s son, Bart. In all, Grover made seven Skeeter models.

Quinn acquired serial number six in 2009 as a gift from his friend, Terry Murbach, who later passed. “It’s one of my most prized Slickguns, for both its intrinsic value and for the memory of my great friend Terry Murbach,” Quinn said.

One of only seven ‘Skeeter Skelton’ .44 Special Custom Revolvers. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

‘Skeeter Skelton’ .44 Special Custom Revolvers

One of only seven ‘Skeeter Skelton’ .44 Special Custom Revolvers. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

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