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The FN 509 Tactical – Move Over Glock 19x

The FN 509 Tactical – Move Over Glock 19x

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The Modular Handgun contest was good to civilian shooters

We got the Sig Sauer XM17, the Glock 19X and the FN 509. Now were are getting the FN 509 Tactical. The FN 509 was an impressive gun, but I’m a DA/SA kinda guy unless something catches my eye and the FN 509 Tactical has caught my eye. It’s everything a shooter could want in a modern tactical handgun. I have to give it up for FN for embracing a modern take on handguns.

The FN 509 Tactical comes slammed packed with features, and I absolutely love it. The FN 509 is an extremely modern gun that leaves nothing at the door. First and foremost the FN 509 is outfitted with FN’s new optics mounting system that accommodates most patterns of miniature red dot optics. You won’t need to do any unique milling to your slide to mount an optic, or at least most optics. FN doesn’t list the optics its compatible with but does claim compatibility with ten models. Likely the most common models like the Trijicon RMR, the Burris Fastfire, the Vortex Venom, etc.

The FN 509 Tactical is entirely optics ready. By that I mean it rocks suppressor height sights to co-witness with the miniature red dot. On top of that, let’s not forget the barrel comes threaded for use with a suppressor. The barrel features the familiar and practical ½” x 28 thread pattern. The heights allow you to see over the suppressor and through the red dot. If you aren’t rocking a miniature red dot the FN 509 Tactical sports a cap to protect the mounting area. This cap also has wings that protect the rear iron sights. It does give the gun a very complete look when it’s not wearing a miniature red dot. This ramp will also make it easy to rack the slide in unusual ways.

The gun has an ambidextrous slide lock and magazine release. Oh, and it’s coated in FDE. The gun comes complete with two 24 round magazines and one 17 round magazine. The 24 round magazines are the same exact length as the slide, so the weapon isn’t unbalanced or awkward to carry.

The conclusion

This gun is the complete package and is a prime candidate for an FN based Roland special. Toss on a compensator, a Surefire, and RDS, and you are ready to rock and roll. I’m actually extremely impressed by FN. This gun looks fantastic, it’s chock full of custom features and ready to rock and roll out of the box. The MSRP is a little high for a polymer frame gun at $1049. However, when you actually put all the upgrades into perspective, this is a cheaper option than having the work done on a stock FN 509.

Also, just a personal request to FN, consider a black or two-tone version. A black and FDE variant would be fantastic. The FN 509 Tactical looks to be a promising gun, and I hope to have one soon.

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