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The Battle Arms Development ONE:1 Glock 19 Barrel

The Battle Arms Development ONE:1 Glock 19 Barrel

Battle Arms Development is a premium grade manufacturer of rifle and handgun accessories. They are well known for their ultralight barrels, gorgeous billet receivers, and their highly customized AR rifles and pistols. Their Paratrooper 300 Blackout SBR was one of my favorite guns at SHOT. Battle Arms Development takes both style and function and flawlessly intertwines them. This mixture of form and function is evident when you take a peek at the new Battle Arms Development ONE:1 Glock 19 threaded barrel.

On the outside it’s flashy. The Melonite QPQ Black nitride finish gives it a bit of a shine. The shine is the most immediate difference between the BAD Glock 19 barrel and a stock option. A close look reveals a stylish Battle Arms logo on the top and sides of the chamber. The threaded barrel is also fluted to reduce weight, and give it an elegant appearance. The barrel is then threaded to a standard 1/2 x 28 thread pitch and comes with a textured thread protector that uses a series of circular imprints to provide a secure grip. BAD calls it the SABERTUBE dimple pattern, and you’ve likely seen it before on their buffer tubes.

The BAD Glock barrel uses a one machine process to finish the barrel. One machine is responsible for the machining of the entire barrel from beginning to end. The bore of the barrel is a single point cut rifling. This style of rifling is done with nearly 100 minuscule cuts. The benefit is that the method doesn’t stress the barrel and there is required stress relief after the barrel is rifled. The process is insanely precise and gives the barrel a uniform twist rate and rifling grooves with a deviation of less than .0001 from groove to groove.

The barrel features an 11-degree target crown. This slightly recessed target crown protects the crown from damage and delivers consistent performance round after round.

The result of the Battle Arms Development Glock 19 barrel is a stylish, functional upgrade to your Glock 19. It makes the addition of a suppressor or compensator simple. Speaking of which at Omaha Outdoors we carry suppressors and compensators from the brands you know and love, and keep an eye out for the new Battle Arms Development Glock 19 barrel.

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