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TangoDown Goes Glock With the Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger

TangoDown Goes Glock With the Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger

Another day, another Glock trigger. America’s favorite handgun encapsulates everything that makes Capitalism tremendous and having another trigger option is never a bad thing. TangoDown has continued their partnership with Larry Vickers and released the Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger. As the name implies this trigger, its designed for duty and concealed carry use. The TangoDown Vickers trigger is not intended to be lighter, but to feel lighter.

Trigger modifications that lighten the trigger are considered a detriment to a carry gun. Lighter triggers are often prohibited by Police Agencies and can pose a risk when placed in stressful situations. They are great for competition, but for combat use its best to stay stock. The trigger feels lighter due to the flat-faced design of the trigger. A flat trigger allows you to pull the trigger at the bottom which gives you more leverage and control. The additional leverage applied at the bottom makes the trigger feel lighter
The TangoDown Vickers trigger has shortened the trigger overtravel which makes the reset shorter. This results in fast follow up shots. The Glock has a fantastic trigger reset that’s both tactile and audible, and hopefully, TangoDown retained this.

The TangoDown VTCT is made from the same material as the Glock OEM trigger. This choice was made to ensure there is no risk of damaging or causing additional wear on the frame. It’s not a wrong choice since the Glock trigger has been proven to be robust and long-lasting. According to the press release, the trigger is an insulator and will not conduct heat.

The trigger itself looks like something Glock would produce. It is professional in appearance and doesn’t stand out. This design is another good choice for duty use. It’s rarely acceptable or professional to stand out when it comes to equipment.

TangoDown is producing a trigger for the Gen 3 and 4 Glock models in 9mm 40/357 SIG, 45 ACP, and 10mm. This trigger is also compatible with the Glock 42 and Glock 43. An additional trigger has also been produced for all current Glock Gen 5 models.

A certified Glock Armourer must install the trigger according to TangoDown, so if you do it at home expect to void the warranty.

Larry Vickers had this to say about the VTCT:

“After using a pre-production prototype version of the new Tangodown™/Vickers Tactical™ Glock trigger on my training pistol for a period of time, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. In fact, of the multiple students, I’ve had try the trigger I’ve yet to receive a negative comment. The TangoDown crew hit this one out of the park, and it is, in my opinion, truly the Glock™ trigger ‘Perfected’.”

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