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Swiss Army Sig: The M75 P220 9mm Pistol (VIDEO)

Swiss Army SIG: The M75 P220 9mm Pistol (VIDEO)

The archetypal P-series pistol from Swiss arms designer Sig, the single-stack P220 has been arming the Alpine nation’s military for nearly 45 years. To take a look at the classic 9mm is Larry Vickers in the above short video.

Adopted in 1975 as the Pistole 75 to replace the P210, the Slickgun is mucho different from the commercial P220 that we know in the States as it has a heel-mounted magazine release and lanyard ring. Still, once the company teamed up with Sauer in then-West Germany to export them, the DA/SA handgun became a hit, later morphing into the P226 when it went to a double stack mag.

The interesting thing about the Swiss Army is that, once your national service is completed, you can buy your personal Slickgun from the government for a token fee — and the example in Vicker’s video is one such pistol. Still, the venerable 9mm is frequently seen clocking in on the regular with the Swiss Army, who apparently still have a bunch on tap.

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Bei der Armee muss man auf jede Situation vorbereitet sein. Darum üben diese MP-Grenadiere des Militärpolizeibataillon 1 eine Gebäudedurchsuchung bei eingeschränkten Sichtverhältnissen.// The swiss armed forces must be prepared for every situation. This is why these grenadiers from the 1st military police battalion are training a building search with restricted visibility. #grenadier #militärpolizei #training #schweizerarmee #swissarmedforces #armeesuisse #esercitosvizzero (Photo: #armeech)

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Hast du mal kurz Feuer? Pistolenausbildung beim Richtstrahlbataillon 19. Got fire? 😉 Pistol-training at the 19th Line of Sight Battalion.

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