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Suspect Ignores Home’s ‘Smith & Wesson Spoken Here’ Sign, Gets Shot

Smith & Wesson Spoken Here sign, suspect shot

A sleepy Utah town woke up really fast when deputies arrested a naked suspect shot by an elderly couple defending their home. Unfortunately for the 24-year-old man, he didn’t read the “Smith & Wesson Spoken Here” sign.

Results of Ignoring the ‘Smith & Wesson Spoken Here’ Sign

Iron County Deputies responded to a burglary in progress in the very small Iron Town. A man was trying to kick down a door of a home to gain entry. However, by the time that deputies arrived, the older couple who owned the home had confronted and shot the suspect.

“They are a little bit elderly, they do have some disabilities,” Lt. Del Schlosser said to Fox 13 in Salt Lake City.

Those disabilities didn’t mean the couple was defenseless, nor cause a problem with aim. The lieutenant also claimed the homeowners were well within their rights to fire in self-defense.

“They did fear for their lives and they did shoot at him,” said Schlosser.

After Suspect Shot

After the shot, things got really weird. The suspect took off all of his clothes and walked out of the home, straight into the deputies. At this point, deputies confronted the suspect, who resisted. Because of that, deputies used a taser several times to no avail.

However, they were able to subdue the suspect, who was arrested and flown by helicopter to Dixie Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

The homeowners were not hurt, and this quiet little Utah town had something to talk about for a few days, at least.

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