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Surefire X300 Burns Bright – Releases 1,000 Lumen Model

Surefire X300 Burns Bright – Releases 1,000 Lumen Model

When it comes to weapon lights, there are only two names in the industry that matter and that is Streamlight and Surefire. Surefire represents the professional grade choice in firearms weapon lights. The Surefire X300 is by far the most popular choice of law enforcement and military professionals in the United States. It’s a robust and powerful weapon light designed for years and years of duty use. Water, shock, and recoil are nothing for the Surefire X300 light systems. Surefire is taking the X300 to new levels by upping the lumens to 1,000.

The Surefire X300 in 1,000 lumens promises to provide not only half a lightsaber worth of power at the end of your gun but a further reaching light. The X300 in 1,000 lumens will reach out and let you see what’s ahead. The powerful light, combined with the TIR lens systems will give you a further reaching beam, with a much brighter and larger center spot.

The Surefire X300 is a powerhouse and in made significantly better by the power added by Surefire. The X300 in the 1,000-lumen range will run for 1.25 hours continuously. It can reach out 213 meters and give you a massive field of useful vision. The new X300s will come in either black or FDE and will take two 123A batteries.

If you are not familiar with the X300, it is designed primarily as a pistol light, but it’s also a powerful long gun light. The light is modular and can be fitted with a long gun switch or a DG switch. The Surefire X300 with the T-slot thumbscrew will attach to most rail systems on handguns, and the Rail-Lock system will connect to nearly any rifle. The new 1,000 lumen X300s will come in both the X300U-A and the X300U-B configurations.

The Surefire series of X300 are outstanding lights and have proven themselves over and over in the hands of armed professionals across the country. The X300 series of lights are fantastic for self-defense, home defense, and as previously mentioned duty use. The 1,000-lumen options are a tremendous addition to the lineup and perfect for those shooters looking to take their weapon and weapon lights outdoors and to wield the most power possible. These lights will be available later this year.

Surefire X300-A Ultra-High-Output LED Handgun Light Specs

Surefire X300-B Ultra-High-Output LED Handgun Light Specs

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