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Strike Industries Dives Into the MPX/MCX Stabilizing Brace Game

Strike Industries Dives Into the MPX/MCX Stabilizing Brace Game

Stabilizing braces changed the world of rifle style pistols and SMG wannabes. They give these bulky and somewhat heavy weapons a secure means to stabilize the gun while firing it. They’ve remained controversial, and the ATF has changed specific components of their ruling more than once regarding how these braces can be used. Pistol braces have remained popular, and more companies are stepping forward to produce them. Strike Industries is now manufacturing a stabilizing brace for the MPX and MCX pistols.

This device is a collapsing PDW style brace, but it’s different than both SB Tactical and Maxim Defense’s model. The Strike Industries Stabilizing brace is more like the KAK Shockwave. The It’s a hard polymer model that allows the user to rest their forearm on the right or left side depending on which hand is dominant. A velcro strap can then be applied to the forearm. However, a velcro strap is not necessary to effectively use the stabilizing brace.

The Strike Industries brace is adjustable for forearm length of pull and has three different positions, which I assume one is the collapsed position. To shorten or lengthen the brace there is a small button behind the MPX or MCX’s charging handle. Press the button, and you can pull it or shrink it. Additionally, there is a large sling loop placed on the bottom of the brace.

The Strike Industries Stabilizing Brace looks to be quite impressive in design. I’d be dense if I didn’t say it resembled many of the current PDW stocks on the market. Knowing Strike Industries, I’m confident it will be a well-made piece of gear. While the design will work as a stabilizing brace, most people are likely more curious about the ability to shoulder such a brace. Strike Industries does have a little disclaimer for the brace and reads like this:

Warning: Customer is responsible for being aware of their state’s laws regarding the use of this product. This item is not a buttstock. Do not attempt to modify or alter the intended functionality of this product.

The ATF has said you could misuse SB Tactical braces by shouldering them and you wouldn’t be creating an SBR. However, that last little trailer at the end of the Warning is very accurate. The ATF has said any attempt to modify the brace to use it as a stock may constitute the formation of an unregistered SBR. Does that ATF decision cover more than SB Tactical braces? That’s a question for someone who knows the law better than your humble narrator.

I do love pistol braces and the technology behind them. They are being moved from pistols to firearms as well with the addition of braces onto weapons like the Mossberg Shockwave and Remington TAC 14.

Strike Industries Brace is interesting, and I’d love for them to move into braces for other platforms, like the CZ Scorpion and the B&T style sub guns. The industry always needs more braces, and we’ll follow what Strike industries dip their toes into next.

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