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Springfield Armory – Gear Up Concealed Carry XD – Expires 06/30/18

Springfield Armory – Gear Up Concealed Carry XD – Expires 06/30/18

Starting April 1st and running till June 30th you can get three free magazines with the purchase of select Springfield XD series handguns. With summer around the corner, it’s time to drop the full-size guys and find something small and light for those hot days. The Springfield XD series of firearms is expansive enough to offer you five different concealed carry handguns that qualify for the Gear Up Promotion.

This includes the XD subcompact. These are micro versions of the standard XD and feature double stack magazines, and 3 or 3.3-inch barrels. The 3-inch model is available in 9mm, and 40 S&W and the 3.3-inch model is 45 ACP only and is only part of the XD MOD.2 series. The 9mm and 40 S&W models are available in the standard XD and XD MOD.2 series.

The XD-S series is also included. These single stack firearms come in a few different flavors and as well as multiple calibers and barrel lengths. The flavors include the standard XD-S and the MOD.2 model. The different designs sport various external differences. The barrel lengths include 3.3 and the now discontinued 4.0 models. Calibers include 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP.

Lastly, we have the newest XD series, the XD-E. The XD-E series is a subcompact, single stack firearm that sports a hammer over a striker. This is a departure from the series but does eliminate the grip safety. The XD-E sports a 3.3-inch barrel and is available in 9mm and 45 ACP.

We all know magazines aren’t cheap, and three extra is a substantial give away. That is a $100 value and gives you a total of 5 magazines when you count the two that are included. Springfield has been killing it with these gear up offers, and this is one is just in time for a new summertime concealed carry gun.

Expires 06/30/18

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