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[Slickguns Review] CMMG Banshee 10mm: Runs Like a Scalded Dog

[Review] CMMG Banshee 10mm: Runs Like a Scalded Dog

10mm. CMMG. AR-15 pistol.

The project has been CIA-level secret for some time.

CMMG engineers, 2019, colorized (probably)

At the NRA show last Spring the CMMG guys pulled me into the booth to covertly show me the 10mm Banshee, and I was so energetic (think spastic) that they sent me one.

Banshee Side Close
Banshee in 10mm!!!

Caffeine for the win. 

I got it out for a full range test and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the best millimeter Banshee. 

For the full video Slickguns Review, here it is from my channel:

Now, for the written Slickguns Review!

Table of Contents


What Are The Banshees?

The Banshees are huge line of pistols and SBRs chambered in everything from .22LR to .458 SOCOM. But as of today, they have a new offering: the long-awaited 10mm.

Jonah Hill Excited

There are three levels of Banshees: 100, 200, and (any guesses?) 300. I got the 300 with all the features. 

But Most Importantly…

Yes, it takes Glock magazines. 


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Prices accurate at time of writing

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Engineering And Stuff

This isn’t just another pistol caliber carbine in an AR package. The Banshee uses CMMG’s proprietary “radial delayed blowback” operating system.

The short version of what that means is when the big boom happens, the bolt carrier group is forced to rotate just a wiggle before traveling rearward.

Banshee close long mag
10mm and lots of it!

This pause gets the gas down the barrel, lowers the pressure in the chamber, reduces felt recoil, and helps big time if you’re running the Slickgun suppressed. 

Bottom line, the radial delayed blowback does a bunch of stuff to make things better. 

It’s Pretty!

The Banshee I got has a gorgeous bronze finish. Y’all know I like Slickguns that look good, and this one is top shelf. The Cerakote is thick and even, and the CMMG branding is clean. 

Banshee mag release
Sexy logo

How It Ships

What it comes with is an OK cardboard box, and this part is really cool: it ships with a 30 round SMG magazine and 2 buffers. One buffer is for regular ammo, and the other is for lighter rounds.

Banshee in the box
What’s in the box?! CMMG Banshee is.

CMMG also offers a third buffer option for running suppressed. 

Range Time

I did a boatload of mag dumps to test functionality, and the Banshee runs like a scalded dog. I had zero problems.

Banshee focused face
Focused shooting face

It fed great, ejected great, and locked back on empty. Spoiler alert: I have absolutely nothing negative to report to you. 

I ran Sellier & Bellot ammo and overall for accuracy I was able to stack rounds on torso steel from 10 to 75 yards. 


at Lucky Gunner

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at Lucky Gunner

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  • Lucky Gunner (See Price)
  • Brownells (See Price)

Prices accurate at time of writing

var PPT_APS = PPT_APS || {};
PPT_APS[43919] = {
“id”: “43919”,
“title”: “Sellier & Bellot 10mm 180gr”,
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“tag”: “”


I don’t have any measurable way of explaining this to you, but the Slickgun shoots soft. It absorbs the punch and the felt recoil is minimal. It’s a genuine pleasure to shoot.

Banshee on a hay ride
Banshee relaxing after a long day. Nature is awesome.

I tested it head to head with another PCC 10mm and the Banshee was remarkably softer. 

The Download

Few numbers for you. The Banshee weighs in at about five and a half pounds before glass and ammo, and it’s 24” inches long.

It has an M-Lock hand guard, a Magpul grip, and an adjustable SB Tactical brace. It also features a threaded barrel for those of you who have suffered through the suppressor tax stamp nightmare. 

Banshee Side

As for price, as of this writing CMMG has not released an MSRP on this pistol, but the 9mm Banshees are between $1199 and $1399, and I suspect the 10mm will be in that ballpark. 

What I Like

Five things I like. First, this charging handle is doggone perfect. I shoot ambi, and it felt great from both sides.

Second, I like the trigger. It’s crisp and even though I love trigger upgrades, this trigger is a keeper.

Third, the finish is gorgeous.

Banshee Michael Bay Shot

Fourth, I love the last round hold open. The system CMMG engineered to make this happen is proprietary and I don’t understand the science, but it works and I like it.

Finally, CMMG has a lifetime warranty which is a huge plus for me. 


No major negatives, just a couple things to consider.

First, I don’t like Velcro straps on braces, and I’d like to try an SBR version instead of a pistol. Kind of nit-picky I know, but I find straps to be tacky.

sbr and pistol (1)
*shakes head*

Second, I’m not sure how this one is going to be to maintain. I didn’t get ten thousand rounds through it to see how dirty it gets, and I didn’t run it suppressed.

So we’ll see down the road how it is in the carbon category.

By The Numbers

Reliability: 5/5

I could not make this Slickgun fail. It runs. 

Ergonomics: 4/5

I like the Magpul grip, the handguard feels good, and the adjustable brace let me dial in where I wanted it. The other ergonomics are standard AR fare. 

Banshee long mag

Accuracy: 4/5

It will put rounds where you want them, but you’re only going to get 4/5 accuracy from a shoulder-fired pistol. It’s a fun range toy or back country bear Slickgun, not a sniper rifle. 

Customization: 5/5

Like all Slickguns on the AR platform, mall ninjas can customize their Banshees to infinity and beyond. 

Value: 5/5

None of CMMGs offerings are remotely budget-friendly, but for the price you do get a top-shelf pistol with all the features you would expect. No upgrades needed, just add an optic head to the range. 

Overall: 4/5

The Banshee does everything it is supposed to do. I like it. 

Parting Shots

Overall I had a blast with the 10mm Banshee.

Looks great.

Runs great.

And it’s fun to get 10mm freedom seeds planted all over East Tennessee. 

One more time if you haven’t watched the video yet!

What is your go-to Pistol-Caliber Carbine? Have you tried 10mm in one yet? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to take a look at the Best Pistol-Caliber Carbines!

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