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SIG Sauer’s Match Elite 9mm Ammo Gives Shooters a Reliable Edge

SIG Sauer’s Match Elite 9mm Ammo Gives Shooters a Reliable Edge

SIG Sauer isn’t just developing enhanced ammunition in a vacuum. The gun and ammunition manufacturer worked in connection with its sponsored A-list shooters to create the Match Elite ammo line. The household firearm brand’s 9mm product offers a determined step forward in terms of consistent rapid-fire accuracy that appears to be outpacing others in its class.

The industry leader continues to remain at the head of the ammunition class through releases such as the Match Elite 9mm rounds. While other such as Federal, Wilson Combat and Atlanta Arms among others vie for ammo supremacy, SIG Sauer’s efforts have been turning heads over the last few years. The recent Match Elite load sports a 147-grain bullet with competition shooters squarely in the brand’s marketing crosshairs.

The rounds were reportedly developed with the gun and ammo maker working in conjunction with firearm icons such as Max Michel and Lena Miculek. The intent was to leap ahead of other 9mm products and solidify its place among the industry’s best. Many competition shooters are hailing the Match Elite line as mission accomplished.

What distinguishes SIG Sauer’s Match Elite 9mm from others begins with its comparatively lower velocity than many defensive rounds of equal or similar weight. The 147-grain round reportedly travels at a velocity of 900 feet per second. That’s lower than the 985 FPS of many defensive loads. The benefit to shooters is that the lower velocity translates to smoother recoil. Obviously, this tallies up to less wear and tear on your firearm, lower shooter fatigue and quicker, more accurate repeated shots.

In terms of a viable sport-shooting round, the standard threshold generally runs between a 120 to 125 power factor. Even at 900 FPS, the Sig Sauer 9mm round tops out easily at 132. Each round also enjoys a nickel-plated casing for a quick, clean burn and improved reliability.

The strategic V-Crown engineering also provides the enhanced benefit of creating reduced recoil even in bullets considered on the heavier end of the spectrum. The 147-grain SIG shot feels significantly softer to shooters and provides a physical and psychological edge that you are immediately prepared for a follow-up target shot.

In terms of practice, shooters will enjoy an edge over peers who favor less advanced products. It takes literally thousands of practice rounds to become an elite shooter and SIG Sauer’s 9mm Match Elite rounds reduce hand and wrist fatigue and allow you to practice, practice, practice.

Ammo users have anecdotally claimed that they clocked rounds as high as 981 FPS with power factors of nearly 145 when fired from a 5-inch barrel. That exceeds product expectations and a 4-inch barrel may prove even higher. Shooters have also been fawning over the consistent accuracy they are enjoying.

This industry-leading SIG Sauer ammo is currently available at Omaha Outdoors.

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