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SIG Proves Once More They Are the Total Systems Provider

SIG Proves Once More They Are the Total Systems Provider

Recoil recently dug up some very interesting patents filed by Sig Sauer and approved on July 24th, 2018. This patent shows an integrally suppressed P320 with a very small, and handy looking suppressor. This new patent shows up what looks like a compact slide outfitted with an integral suppressor on a full sized frame. These are just tech drawings, so things are bound to change between now and the pistol being manufactured.

The suppressor is extremely small and compact, much smaller than guns like the Maxim 9. This suppressor is designed to work ‘wet’ meaning an ablative would need to be added. Suppressors intended to be used wet can be extremely small and still quite useful. The addition of an ablative material aids in reducing noise and muzzle flash but does not last for very long.

Most wet suppressors will function with something as familiar as water. The SIG P320 suppressor will perform with a proprietary ablative make in capsule form. These won’t dry out or expire, allowing them to be in place and carried for an extended period. These ablatives will be replaceable by the end user. The suppressor itself is extremely small, and with this small size, you aren’t able to get a lot of shots off before the ablatives are dead.

Recoil spoke with one of the engineers named on the patent, Ethan Lessard, the VP of Engineering at Q. He said, “It is great for police officers. Like, you get two, three shots at hearing safe pressure levels, and it affects nothing else.”

Most police gunfights last only a few rounds and this suppressor would result in a hearing safe firearm for at least a few shots. This delivers at least a small chance of preserving the hearing of police officers, without the need for a large and bulky suppressor. The SIG P320 with this suppressor would be compatible with nearly any P320 full-size holster.

Recently the Las Vegas Police Department released a video of one of their officers engaging a group of criminals in a high-speed chase from inside his vehicle. I imagine that that police officer will be suffering from some permanent hearing damage. Firing a weapon inside a car is brutal to hearing, and the addition of a few suppressed shots could have gone a long way.

Should a gunfight go longer than the initial few shots officers will have better situational awareness going into an extended gunfight. The SIG P320 is being adopted rapidly by police forces around the country and of course, serves in the United States military. The addition of a new, suppressor equipped slide, could also have numerous benefits to individual military units. Especially those who have a focus in more unconventional warfare. We’ll see if SIG brings the gun to market or sits on the patent.

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