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Sentry Product Group Introduces Hexmag Glock Magazines

Sentry Product Group Introduces Hexmag Glock Magazines

Hexmag is pretty well known for producing polymer AR 15 magazines with very distinctive hexagonal patterns. This supposedly increased grip on the mags, but it also served to add grip tape and decals. Hexmag was recently acquired by Sentry Products Group, and they’ve finally introduced their Hexmag Glock magazines. Hexmag has been working on this design for quite some time, and I’ve seen several prototypes along the way. What they just introduced is almost completely out of left field, and look damn good.

Hexmag’s newest magazines look amazing, and I really hope they perform as good as they look. I own several AR Hexmags, and they’ve also performed exceptionally well, so I’m optimistic about their new Glock magazines. The most noticeable factor is the fact they are translucent. The handy feature here is being able to instantly see how loaded your magazine is and what its loaded with. When it comes to Glocks, I have three different platforms that use Glock magazines. This means I have them everywhere and it’d be nice to see what’s loaded with JHPs versus FMJs.

Like standard Glock OEM magazines, there are witness holes in the rear from 4 to 17 rounds. While you can see your rounds, now you won’t have to count them when seeing how loaded they are.

The outside of the magazine features a small Hexagonal pattern to improve grip and of course to make sure you know its a Hexmag. There is also texture on the front and back of the magazine for a more comfortable grip. It’s small touches that set them apart.

What’s interesting is the fact the Hexmag does something other aftermarket magazines don’t. They incorporate steel feed lips, as well as a steel core. Magpul and ETS both make excellent magazines, but they don’t include steel feed lips. Additionally, the baseplate is compatible with Glock aftermarket base plates. This is another robust feature. I’ve found the Magpul magazines to be incompatible with several aftermarket baseplates.

The Hexmag Glock mag sports a self-lubricating, anti-tilt follower. The spring is heat-treated stainless steel that should give it an excellent, long lifespan. The magazine can be taken down without a tool and interestingly enough has a HexIDcolor identification system. This same system is used in their magazines for identifying different calibers in the same magazine like 5.56 and 300 Blackout.

Right now the magazines are only available in Glock 17 sized platforms but do the HexID color means we’ll see more in the future? I’m not sure what other calibers are compatible with 9mm magazines outside of 22 TCM, but I guess it could happen. Hexmag has said they are producing a 10 round magazine for unfree states. My prediction is we will see Glock 19 magazines soon, as well as some extended options in the 28 to 33 round range. Personally, a 33 rounder sticking out of my Glock carbines would look quite lovely.

Competition breeds innovation and lowers prices. The Hexmag Glock mags will have an MSRP of $21.99. Street price will likely be a bit lower, and make them competitive with ETS and Magpul.

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