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Ruger Releases New SR1911, Security-9, 10/22 and 77/17 Models

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Ruger SR1911 officer pistol right profile
Ruger security-9 pistol left profile
Ruger 10/22 Target Lite rifle right profile
Ruger 77/17 rifle right profile
Ruger 77/17 rifle left profile

Ruger has announced the release of four new guns: the SR1911 Officer-Style in .45 ACP; Security-9 pistol equipped with a Viridian E-Series red laser; 10/22 Target Lite rifle with a red and black laminate stock; and a 77/17 in .17 WSM with a green mountain laminate stock. Here’s the quick breakdown, via the press release on each new model:

SR1911 Officer-Style .45 ACP

The new SR1911 Officer-Style pistol chambered in .45 Auto features a shorter, 3.60″ barrel and shortened grip frame that makes for an ideal concealment pistol. Compared to the SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style, the steel frame on this new model retains additional weight for better balance, lower recoil and greater durability.

Security-9 With Viridian E-Series Red Laser

The reliable and affordable Security-9 is now available paired with a factory-installed Viridian E-Series red (635-650 nm) laser. The adjustable laser module weighs just over 1/2 ounce with the installed long-lasting battery and comes securely mounted to the pistol. The laser also features ambidextrous push-button activation. This low-cost option is ideal for increasing accuracy in low light conditions.

10/22 Target Lite Red And Black

The new 10/22 Target Lite is a top of the line offering from Ruger. Featuring the BX-Trigger with a light, crisp 2.5-3 pound trigger pull weight and a cold hammer-forged barrel tensioned in an aluminum alloy barrel sleeve, this new configuration is paired with a red and black laminate thumbhole stock, and should appeal to shooters looking for performance, reliability and style.

77/17 .17 WSM Green Mountain

Following on the heels of the successful reintroduction of the 77-Series bolt-action rifles, Ruger now offers the Ruger 77/17 chambered in .17 WSM with an 18.50″ stainless steel barrel and Green Mountain laminate stock. Flat-shooting and superbly accurate, this rifle also features an improved trigger pull over previous 77/17 WSM models.

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