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Raven Concealment Systems Releases Advanced Holsters And Accessories

Raven Concealment Systems Releases Advanced Holsters And Accessories

A leader in holsters and gun accessories, Raven Concealment Systems recently released a treasure trove of new products that make perfect gifts for firearm enthusiasts.

Placing a high value on stealth, RCS has released three advanced Perun OWB holster models that build on the popular model. The latest offerings also include a QMS adapter that works seamlessly with the Perun and Perun LC as well as the Balor, an advancement on non-permanent optic mounts. Raven’s new releases arrive in time for the holidays and make beautiful additions to any gun owner’s collection.

New Perun OWB Holsters Merge Comfort and Concealment

The Perun line remains Raven’s flagship outside-the-waist holster, and the new products outpace many other brands based on its exceptional design. Pistols owners see the new Perun line rivaling numerous other holsters in its class due to its modular style that keeps a weapon taut to the body. The smartly crafted Raven product offers outstanding concealment benefits for an outside holster while excelling in carry comfort.

On a practical level, the updated Perun line of holsters delivers superior comfort that allows users to bend and move freely. It also helps to eliminate one of the key sticking points many in its class suffer, driving. The new Perun holsters offer firearm enthusiast and professionals the ability to get in and operate a vehicle without discomfort or feeling the need to unstrap. The upgraded series combines comfort with measurable concealment.

The recently released holsters come with three, 1.5-inch belts that serve lefties, righties and those who go both ways. The left and right loops are set at 10-degree cants while the ambidextrous third is a static zero-degree cant.

Perun LC Model Makes LED Sighted Carry Seamless

The new Perun LC model has a more targeted task in mind. It was designed with a nod toward Glock 19M carry and accommodates the Surefire XC1-A and B. That’s an important consideration when selecting an appropriate holster for gun owners and gift-givers alike. These and other LED sighting systems tend to be streamlined and compact. But the importance of a snug light-compatible holster cannot be understated. The Perun LC model accounts for the accessory while maintaining its reputation for excellent comfortable carry, concealment and smooth draw.

RCS Accessories Round Out The Holidays

The newly designed QMS adapters and Balor slide-mounted optic feature round out Raven’s late-year releases. The QMS accessory allows gun owners a simple and easy method to don your holster. Rather than thread the holster each and every time, the QMS adapter offers quick, secure zero-degree cant fastening and works with Perun and Perun LC holsters.

Crafted with the Glock line in mind, the Balor gives everyday gun owners the agility to utilize non-permanent optic mounts. The updated Balor now works effectively with Gen 5, 9mm Glocks as well as Gen 3-4, and Smith & Wesson .357 Mag among others. The upside of working with the Balor system is that it accommodates permanent iron mounts without requiring modifications.

Raven Concealment Systems products are available online at Omaha Outdoors.

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